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Joe Takes a Holiday
Episode overview
Now living in London, Joe tries to lay low and resist old habits... until he's forced to tie up loose ends and bond with a circle of wealthy socialites.
Portrait of the Artist
Episode overview
Joe leans on his skills - and a student's insights - to catch his stalker. An art show offers a gallery of suspects, revealing more than the eye can see.
Eat the Rich
Episode overview
As news of a killer targeting the rich swirls, Joe's stalker inches dangerously close to the truth. Joe's efforts to protect Kate take a dark turn.
Episode overview
A ritzy weekend getaway doubles as a chance for Joe to hunt down his elusive stalker. Without cell service or Wi-Fi, Joe makes a key connection.
The Fox and the Hound
Episode overview
While falling back into familiar patterns, Joe gets caught up in an unfortunate game as everyone's plans go up in flames.
Best of Friends
Episode overview
In the aftermath of the murders, Joe searches for a scapegoat and Rhys pursues his grand ambitions while Kate and Phoebe assert their independence.
Good Man, Cruel World
Episode overview
The tables turn for Joe when an influential figure comes to town with a tempting offer as Nadia follows a hunch.
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
Episode overview
As memories of the past trickle in, Joe struggles to recall an important detail. Phoebe shares her hasty plans with Kate. Nadia scrambles for a solution.
She's Not There
Episode overview
Torn between his dark side and good intentions, Joe works to right his wrongs. After attempting to help Phoebe, Kate faces her father — and hard truths.
The Death of Jonathan Moore
Episode overview
With love and loss weighing heavily on his mind, Joe commits a final act in hopes of never walking down the same path again.