Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

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Episode 1
Episode overview
Michael bores his son with "dry history" in Germany's Bavarian Alps, while Jack tries to liven up their first stop with motorcycles and skis.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Jack and Michael channel Harry Houdini and take a boat ride in Budapest, and then have an odd border-control experience on a road trip to Transylvania.
Episode 3
Episode overview
In Romania, Michael and Jack pay a visit to "royalty" and an unusual cemetery. Later, they go to little-visited Moldova to meet Sunstroke Project.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Michael puts Jack through military training in Kiev, and then they head to Chernobyl before Jack drags his dad to a clown festival in Odessa.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Jack treats his father to a luxurious birthday trip to Istanbul, where they visit a hookah lounge and Michael recalls a wild night with David Bowie.