Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

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Episode 1
Episode overview
Jack and Michael begin their journey in Bangkok and immediately clash over accommodations, then visit an odd temple and attend an elephant polo match.
Episode 2
Episode overview
In Bangkok, the Whitehalls patronize an unusual doll shop. An annoyed Michael needs time away from Jack, so Jack goes off on his own to try parkour.
Episode 3
Episode overview
In Phuket, Jack tries to get his dad to loosen up at a full moon party, then seeks his emotional support in a floating football match.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Now in Cambodia, Jack and Michael take a primitive train ride. Jack obsesses over finding food his dad would enjoy, and they visit Angkor Wat.
Episode 5
Episode overview
In Siem Reap, Jack upsets Michael at a puppet show, then Jack observes rats that help clear minefields. Later, the pair seeks some peace in Vietnam.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Jack and Michael honor Michael's parents in a ritual and visit a performance artist in Hanoi, then reflect on the impact of their journey.