How It Really Happened

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The Atlanta Serial Killer: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Pt. 1
Episode overview
From 1979 to 1981, more than two dozen of Atlanta's black children disappeared without a trace; a look at who was killing the city's most vulnerable and why.
The Atlanta Serial Killer: The KKK Connection? Pt. 2
Episode overview
Investigators believe Wayne Williams, a 23-year-old black man murdered more than two dozen black children and young men in Atlanta; 40 year-old evidence is reexamined using modern forensics in search of more answers.
The Yosemite Murders: The Missing Women Pt. 1
Episode overview
When in 1999, young women mysteriously disappear from Yosemite National Park, investigators determine foul play and a prime suspect emerges, then escapes.
The Yosemite Murders: The Evil Side Pt. 2
Episode overview
The key suspect in the murder of young women in Yosemite National Park is caught, but it's up to an exceptionally skilled FBI agent to dismantle his web of lies and denials to draw a confession.
Siegfried & Roy: The Tiger Attack Pt. 1
Episode overview
In 2003, the wildly successful careers of master illusionists Siegfried & Roy come to a shockingly abrupt end when one of the team's prized tigers bites Roy Horn on the neck and drags him offstage.
Siegfried & Roy: Dangerous Illusion Pt. 2
Episode overview
Roy tries to recover from severe wounds inflicted by his beloved tiger Mantacore, but the team's excuses for the animal's behavior lose credibility upon further investigation.
The Boston Marathon: Reconstructing the Crime Scene Pt. 1
Episode overview
On April 15th, 2013, two bombs explode during the iconic Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and injuring hundreds of others. In a race against time, investigators, using state of .. show full overview
The Boston Marathon: The Manhunt Pt. 2
Episode overview
With the Boston Bombing suspects identified as domestic terrorist brothers, the manhunt begins, a terrifying crime spree ensues, and new information sheds light on the heinous crime.
Tom Petty: Mysterious Ending
Episode overview
News of the sudden passing of celebrated rock musician Tom Petty shocked fans worldwide, but a deeper look into the music legend's life reveals physical and emotional afflictions that may have led to his death at age 66.
James Jordan: Vanished
Episode overview
Who would want to murder the father of beloved superstar Michael Jordan? When in 1993, James Raymond Jordan Sr. goes missing and his luxury car is found stripped and abandoned in North Carolina, clues point to a tragic crime.