Very Scary People

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Son of Sam Part 1: The Duke of Death
Episode overview
He is among the most infamous serial killers in American history. From 1976 to 1977, David Berkowitz terrorized New York City – under his creepy self-given moniker: the Son of Sam. .. show full overview
Son of Sam Part 2: I Am A Monster
Episode overview
In 1977, the city of New York was being stalked by a seemingly faceless serial killer known as, “Son of Sam.” But after his final shooting took him to Brooklyn, a twist of fate and a .. show full overview
BTK Part 1: Bind, Torture, Kill
Episode overview
In January 1974, four members of a family are brutally tortured and murdered in Wichita, Kansas. The murders shock the safe midwestern city, but little do they know, it is just the .. show full overview
BTK Part 2: The Taunting
Episode overview
B.T.K. stands for Bind, Torture, Kill., the name the serial killer gave himself. After terrorizing Wichita, Kansas with multiple killings from 1974-1991 he goes quiet. But he .. show full overview
THE NIGHT STALKER Part 1: Summer of Terror
Episode overview
The summer of 1985 was one of the hottest Los Angeles had seen in a century. But terrified residents weren’t sleeping with the windows open, they weren’t sleeping at all. A killer was on .. show full overview
THE NIGHT STALKER Part 2: I Will Be Avenged
Episode overview
Through the record-breaking heat of the spring and summer of 1985 in California, a savage killer was on the loose. The Night Stalker had been linked to at least 15 murders from children .. show full overview
The Co-ed Killer Part 1: The Murder Capital of the World
Episode overview
Santa Cruz, California was a mecca for the hippie generation in the early 1970’s, a beachside paradise where a university had recently opened. But this era of peace and love is shattered .. show full overview
The Co-ed Killer Part 1: Thinking Murder All Day Long
Episode overview
In April 1973, 24-year-old Edmund Kemper had murdered 6 coeds in and around the city of Santa Cruz, California, shaking the community to its core. But Kemper reached a breaking point, .. show full overview
Robert Durst Part 1: World’s Worst Fugitive
Episode overview
This is the unbelievable story of Robert Durst, the millionaire heir to a vast real estate fortune who has been linked to the deaths of his wife, his best friend, and his neighbor. For .. show full overview
Robert Durst Part 2: Nobody Tells The Whole Truth
Episode overview
Six weeks after jumping bail in Galveston, Texas, Robert Durst is caught on a store security camera in Pennsylvania shoplifting a sandwich and is quickly sent back to Galveston to stand .. show full overview
Dr Death Part 1: A License To Kill
Episode overview
Michael Swango – High school valedictorian; Distinguished Marine; Trusted Doctor… Serial Killer. For nearly two decades, this physician-turned-murderer left a trail of death and mayhem .. show full overview
Dr Death Part 2: You're Next
Episode overview
Dr. Michael Swango took an oath to “do no harm”… But he did just the opposite. Suspicious illnesses and deaths followed this once-trusted physician-turned-killer from hospital to .. show full overview