• 9.5
  • : 2002
  • : 212
  • : 5035


The Team Kills Off Old Stig
Episode overview
26, 2003
REVIEWS: Ford GT • BMW 5-Series • Porsche 911 GT3 CHALLENGE: Can the diesel Volkswagen Lupo get better mpg than the petrol version? Jeremy drives the new Ford GT40 in Detroit .. show full overview
The Team Meets New Stig
Episode overview
02, 2003
REVIEWS: BMW M3 CSL • BMW M1 • BMW M3 • BMW M5 • Porsche Boxster • BMW Z4 • Honda S2000 CHALLENGE: Volvo 240 attempts to jump four caravans There is a BMW frenzy on the Isle of .. show full overview
Hammond Nearly Drowns
Episode overview
09, 2003
REVIEWS: Bentley Continental GT • Subaru Legacy Outback • Saab 9-5 CHALLENGE: Saab 9-5 versus a BAE Sea Harrier • How to Escape from a Sinking Car The Bentley Continental GT is .. show full overview
The Lambos
Episode overview
16, 2003
REVIEWS: Lamborghini Miura • Lamborghini Countach • Mini Cooper S • Lamborghini Gallardo CHALLENGE: None Richard drives three tuned Minis: Hartge, Digi-tec, BBR and the BMW .. show full overview
The Hilux Won't Die
Episode overview
23, 2003
REVIEWS: Mazda RX-8 • Fiat Panda CHALLENGE: Is a Toyota Hilux really indestructible? Jeremy drives the Mazda RX8 and James drives the new Fiat Panda and is quite surprised when .. show full overview
The Hilux Still Won't Die
Episode overview
07, 2003
REVIEWS: Citroën C2 • Aston Martin V8 Vantage (1977) • Holden Monaro CHALLENGE: Is a Toyota Hilux really indestructible? - Part 2 The car most likely to… be modified, the .. show full overview
The Big Boffin Burnout
Episode overview
14, 2003
REVIEWS: MG XPower SV • Porsche Cayenne Turbo • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren CHALLENGE: Which professor can do the best burn-out? • What is the best British car? As usual the boys .. show full overview
The Top Gear Generation Game
Episode overview
21, 2003
REVIEWS: Mercedes SL280 • Nissan Micra • Aston Martin Lagonda • Audi TT CHALLENGE: Top Gear Generation Game Cars from different eras are compared this week. Jeremy drools over .. show full overview
There's No Money Left
Episode overview
28, 2003
REVIEWS: Chrysler Crossfire • Jaguar XJ6 • Honda Civic Type R • Honda NSX Type R CHALLENGE: None Jeremy drives the Chrysler Crossfire, Richard drives the Smart Car, which has .. show full overview