• 9.5
  • : 2002
  • : 211
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Episode overview
02, 2008
Jeremy, Richard and James buy second-hand lorries and set about discovering how easy it is to become an HGV driver. The Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo are also tested, and Michael Parkinson is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.
Muscle Cars
Episode overview
09, 2008
Jeremy, Richard and James travel to the US to take a road trip from San Francisco to the heart of Utah in three new-generation muscle cars, hoping this time to avoid a mob of angry .. show full overview
Second-Hand Sports Saloon
Episode overview
16, 2008
Clarkson, Hammond and James take on the challenge of making an ordinary second-hand car lap the test track as fast as a brand-new, purpose-built sports saloon. James enlists the help of .. show full overview
Economy Run
Episode overview
23, 2008
Jeremy, Richard and James are challenged to drive from the heart of Switzerland to the north-western coast of England on just one tank of fuel, with the winner switching on the Blackpool .. show full overview
40th Birthday Ferrari Daytona
Episode overview
30, 2008
Richard celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari Daytona by taking one back to its spiritual home - the Italian Riviera - before trying to beat James and a powerboat in a race from .. show full overview
Communist Cars
Episode overview
07, 2008
Jeremy asks whether the Eastern bloc countries ever made a good car, and Richard assesses the performance of new German sports model the Veritas. The latest Ford Fiesta is also put .. show full overview
Tesla Roadster
Episode overview
14, 2008
James visits California to learn about the hydrogen-fuelled Honda Clarity, and Jeremy assesses the performance of Tesla's battery-powered supercar the Roadster. Richard looks back over .. show full overview
Vietnam Special
Episode overview
28, 2008
Arriving in Vietnam, James, Richard and James have to travel the entire length of the country in just eight days. But first they have to buy some suitable transport for the trip, and .. show full overview