The Naked Truth

  • : 1995
  • : 48
  • : 4
  • NBC
  • Comedy



Things Change
Episode overview
22, 1997
Camilla takes the reins at the National Inquisitor and hires Nora to be the top reporter. Meanwhile, Nora's ex wants another chance at romance.
Her Girl Friday
Episode overview
29, 1997
Hey, jealousy! The staff suspects that Nora gets special treatment from Camilla. But a plan to quell the envy backfires when Camilla starts abusing Nora ""like any other employee.""
Bully For Dave
Episode overview
06, 1997
Reports by Nora that Norman Fell is dead are greatly exaggerated, and the TV-star shows up in person to tell her. Meanwhile, Dave runs into his ""big crush"" from high school.
Liesl Weapon
Episode overview
13, 1997
Jake meets Nora's beautiful college roommate, who's one ferocious Fraulein. But while he's out romancing the Hun, Nora is stuck doing his work.
Bridesface Revisited
Episode overview
20, 1997
Nora's ex-husband, Leland, is remarrying and invites her to the wedding. But upon meeting the bride, Nora swears she's seen that face before.
We Almost Had Paris
Episode overview
10, 1997
Nora and Jake pose as newlyweds to stake out a Paris-bound plane that's supposed to have a reclusive celebrity booked in first class.
Look at Me! Look at Me!
Episode overview
17, 1997
When a beautiful but temperamental celebrity adopts Nora as her ""new best friend,"" Camilla smells a story and orders Nora to ""stick with her until you find it.""
Going Mein Way
Episode overview
24, 1997
Amid a flurry of favor-doing, Harris ends up researching a genealogy and learns that Bradley is not related to der Bingle, but to der Fuhrer.
He Ain't Famous, He's My Brother
Episode overview
08, 1997
Nora finally gets her chance to write a cover story: a profile of the Baldwin brothers based on an interview with Duane, the ""loser Baldwin.""
The Unsinkable Nora Wilde
Episode overview
15, 1997
Nora hopes she can stay afloat while interviewing four survivors of the Titanic. Meanwhile, Jake is bothered by a ribald dream.
Hooked on Heroine
Episode overview
26, 1998
Nora gets some strange looks-and an unusual sense of confidence-when she's lassoed into wearing the original Wonder Woman costume for an evening.
Women on the Verge of a Rhytidectomy
Episode overview
02, 1998
Camilla and Nora check out a tip that a plastic surgeon to the stars has been lifting more than faces: he likes to peek at the celebs while they're out cold on the table.
8 1/2
Episode overview
09, 1998
Nora fudges whether Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics owns eight dogs or nine dogs. At her request, Harris lets it slide and the Inquisitor is sued. The publisher brings in an incompetent .. show full overview
The Neighbor of Bath
Episode overview
09, 1998
Dave complains about his long commute to Nora, who suggests he check out the apartment across from her which is now vacant. He takes it. Nora's jealous of the huge bath in Dave's .. show full overview
Day of the Locos
Episode overview
25, 1998
Bradley stuns the office by selling a screenplay for a million dollars. Nora can't believe such a no-talent could actually be considered a writer. Bradley overhears and is devastated. .. show full overview