The Indian Doctor

  • : 2010
  • : 15
  • : 25
  • BBC One
  • Daily 14
  • Comedy Drama



The Prodigals Return
Episode overview
04, 2013
When Basil and Robert Thomas, the sons of a local mine owner, return to the village they are welcomed with open arms, but Prem and his wife Kamini must face the prospect of possibly becoming outcasts once again.
The Gold Rush
Episode overview
05, 2013
The Thomas brothers attempt to convince the Trefelin inhabitants to agree their plan for a futuristic new town. Robert renews his acquaintance with former sweetheart Megan as Basil attempts to ingratiates himself with the villagers.
Desperate Measures
Episode overview
06, 2013
Basil Thomas attempts to advise Sergeant Dawkins who he thinks is to blame following an act of sabotage. Sian decides that Ceri might be worth attempting to charm. Prem learns that .. show full overview
Episode overview
07, 2013
Prem, Emlyn and Owen find themselves trapped underground following an unexplained accident at the mine. Basil continues to try and convince the villagers to exchange their deeds for new houses.
Into The Light
Episode overview
08, 2013
Prem and Emlyn find out that foul play is responsible for the collapse at the mine. Aled and Daf are the prime suspects, despite their protests of their innocence. Robert attempts to .. show full overview