The Indian Doctor

  • : 2010
  • : 15
  • : 25
  • BBC One
  • Daily 14
  • Comedy Drama



Foreign Bodies
Episode overview
27, 2012
Prem Sharma and his wife Kamini await the arrival of his formidable mother-in-law, Pushpa who is paying a visit.
Episode overview
28, 2012
Prem is under a lot of pressure to find and save Dan before it is too late.
The Miracle
Episode overview
29, 2012
Trefelin is deserted as Prem waits for a vaccination unit to arrive from Cardiff. But Reverend Todd is still determined that only he can save the village, and wastes no time in telling .. show full overview
Episode overview
01, 2012
With Trefelin under quarantine, supplies are getting low. Despite Prem's attempts to piece together the evidence, the real source of the outbreak is still unknown. As one by one the .. show full overview
The Source
Episode overview
02, 2012
Reporters gather at the surgery to hear that the outbreak of smallpox in Trefelin is finally under control. But Prem is not convinced that they have managed to locate the real source of the disease, and so the village is still not safe.