The Apprentice (UK)

  • 8.3
  • : 2005
  • : 200
  • : 361



Blank Canvas
Episode overview
21, 2012
Sixteen candidates begin their fight for one-life changing opportunity - a quarter of a million pounds to start up a business with Lord Sugar as their partner. In the first task, the .. show full overview
Household Gadget
Episode overview
28, 2012
Lord Sugar calls the teams to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Their task is to invent a new household gadget, create a prototype and pitch for orders to some of the country's biggest retailers.
Episode overview
04, 2012
Lord Sugar decides to mix up the teams for the third task, which is to come up with a new condiment; one team goes for a Mediterranean-style ketchup, and the other a chilli chutney. Half .. show full overview
Junk Shops
Episode overview
11, 2012
Lord Sugar asks the teams to set up second-hand shops in London's fashionable East End, home to a thriving market in retro and refurbished household goods. The teams must source .. show full overview
Keep Fit
Episode overview
18, 2012
Lord Sugar turns the candidates' attentions towards the highly profitable keep fit industry. The teams have two days to devise and brand a new fitness class that reflects recent popular .. show full overview
Street Food
Episode overview
25, 2012
It is week six, and Lord Sugar sends the candidates to Scotland, where they must make gourmet grub and sell it on the streets of Edinburgh. The teams decide on Italian meatballs and .. show full overview
Flip it in Essex
Episode overview
02, 2012
The teams are called to a warehouse in Essex; Lord Sugar tells the candidates that this is how he started out, buying wholesale goods and selling them on for a profit. Both teams are .. show full overview
Street Art
Episode overview
09, 2012
The eighth task starts with an early morning trip to Waterloo Station, but the teams are not going anywhere; underneath the railway arches is a big screen with a message from Lord Sugar. .. show full overview
English Bubbles
Episode overview
16, 2012
The longest champagne bar in Europe at St Pancras International is the venue chosen by Lord Sugar to launch the latest task. But he is not buying the teams bubbly; he is setting them the .. show full overview
Discount Dealing
Episode overview
23, 2012
The candidates are called to meet Lord Sugar on a rooftop overlooking the City of London, where countless financial deals are done on a daily basis. For one day only, the teams will .. show full overview
The Final Five
Episode overview
29, 2012
The candidates give their assessment of their personal triumphs and failures and the lessons they have learned during the process. Not to mention the bitching, backstabbing and the blame .. show full overview
Affordable Luxury
Episode overview
30, 2012
Lord Sugar calls the teams to Burlington Arcade, a luxury shopping centre in London's West End. He spells out that in the current economic climate Britain still has a taste for the finer .. show full overview
Why I Fired Them
Episode overview
02, 2012
They knew they had to impress Britain's toughest boss. If they failed, they'd get the chop. 16 hopefuls went into battle for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment. Now, he explains how some .. show full overview
The Final: Interviews and You're Hired
Episode overview
03, 2012
The final episode of this series sees Lord Sugar name his business partner. The final four candidates are called to the Institute of Directors in the City, where Lord Sugar asks them to .. show full overview