The Apprentice (UK)

  • 8.3
  • : 2005
  • : 200
  • : 363



Episode 1 - Scrubbing Up
25, 2009
The sixteen new candidates meet Sir Alan for the first time and receive their challenge. They have to start cleaning companies and make as much money as possible. At the end of the show the first of the hoepfuls is fired.
Episode 2 - Catering
01, 2009
After a punishing first task, there is no let-up for the candidates, as Sir Alan challenges them to set up a catering service for busy professionals in the City of London. In tough .. show full overview
Episode 3 - Fitness Product
08, 2009
This week the two teams have to create a new piece of portable gym equipment and create a poster advertising it. They then have to demonstrate the equipment. At the end of the show one of the candidates from the loosing show is fired by Sir Alan.
Episode 4 - Cosmetics
15, 2009
Week four of Sir Alan Sugars search for his apprentice. Sir Alan Sugar challenges the teams to set up their own cosmetics business.
Episode 5 - Breakfast Cereal
22, 2009
The candidates are given the task of a new breakfast cereal with a brand identity including a name for the cereal, design for the box and film a TV campaign that will appeal both to the parents and the children.
Episode 6 - Selling Bric-a-brac
29, 2009
The candidates are tasked with taking a collection of items given to them by Sir Alan Sugar and selling them for the most proffit.
Episode 7 - Selling to Trade
06, 2009
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8 - Marketing Margate
13, 2009
Alan Sugar sends the candidates to Margate on the Kent coast, where they are challenged to produce an eye-catching series of posters and leaflets designed to attract tourists to the .. show full overview
Episode 9 - Baby Trade Show
20, 2009
The teams interview suppliers of baby equipment, select two products, and sell them on to a potential 10,000 customers at the country's biggest baby show.
Episode 10 - Shopping Channel
27, 2009
The teams must select products which they believe will sell the best during an hour of live television. They must then sell these on-screen themselves.
Episode 11 - Interviews
03, 2009
There's no place to hide as the final five candidates face four of Sir Alan's trusted advisors in face-to-face interviews.
Episode 12 - Chocolates
07, 2009
This episode has no summary.