Stay or Sell

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Newlyweds to Newly Remodeled
20, 2019
Newlyweds want to start a family, but first must find the right house.
Families Grow, Houses Shrink
27, 2019
As their kids get bigger, a couple realizes they are outgrowing the house they have been in for 10 years. Brad and Heather help them choose between renovating their dated, cramped home .. show full overview
Dream Renovation in St. Louis Park
03, 2019
Two children and a possible third have Jay and Abby Brown looking for more space, but they love their location. Brad and Heather want to add serious square footage, whether the Browns stay in their current home or buy a new one.
Home Is Where the Hearth Is
10, 2019
A couple wants to raise their family in the same suburb where they grew up, but it's not a family functional place to live. Brad and Heather can expand their square footage, but they can't renovate the neighborhood. It might be time for a move.
It Takes a Village
17, 2019
Foster parent Jen Baumgarten can’t imagine leaving her neighborhood and giving up her neighbors' support, but she has to have more space for her family or risk losing them. Brad and Heather vow to save the day on a limited budget.
Like a Fine Wine?
24, 2019
Joe and Brittany Matthews want more space, and their 100-year-old house will sell quickly in their community with a great return on their investment. But Brittany holds an elected seat in their district, and moving would mean stepping down.
More Baby, More Space
01, 2019
Brad and Heather must bridge the divide between Lauren and Ben Stauffer. Lauren feels a connection to their beautiful home that she designed, but with baby number two quickly approaching, Ben is ready for more house, now.
Room To Roam
08, 2019
Ryan and Lianna have decided to take their relationship to the next level and invest in their house or buy a new one and renovate it. They need more rooms and space for their dog, and they love their neighbors, but wish they were closer to the lake.