Love It or List It, Too

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Jackpot or Not
06, 2019
A young family begins to see the shortcomings of their once perfect home.
Finding Time for Family
26, 2019
After hurriedly agreeing to purchase a spacious, two-story home in her husband's old neighborhood, a woman's misgivings about the house have caught up with her and she's ready for a .. show full overview
Tiny House Dilemma
11, 2019
A couple living in a tiny home cannot see eye-to-eye on their next purchase. He wants Todd to find them a larger space nearby with the same charming characteristics of their current .. show full overview
Go Big or Go Home
26, 2019
A family is quickly outgrowing their small starter home. Dad is determined to stay and looks to Jillian to help him finish the DIY projects he started. Mom, however, is hopeful Todd will find them a bigger home in a quieter neighborhood.
Too Tiny for Twins
30, 2019
Jennifer and Donna bought their current house while they were considering having a second child but quickly found themselves in cramped quarters when twins arrived instead. Jennifer is .. show full overview
A Bigger Beach House
30, 2019
Brooke and Nick loved their charming, 1,400 square foot, seaside home when they were a family of three. But with the birth of their son, Brooke wants to move to a bigger space. Nick doesn't think another perfectly-located home exists in their budget.
Unfinished Business
20, 2019
A couple spent long hours and big money renovating the top floor of their house; she's ready to finish the basement; but he is ready to move on to something lower maintenance.
Open Concept or Empty Nest
20, 2019
A house that seemed like a great idea years ago has never really lived up to the initial hype. With the kids fully grown, he thinks they can renovate their way into the open-concept .. show full overview
You Can't Renovate Neighbors
06, 2019
A couple with two teenagers agrees that their older home needs an overhaul, but that's where it ends. Keith wants to move to a modern, open-concept space with updated bathrooms. Theressa wants to remodel because she loves their home and neighbors.
Extended Needs
06, 2019
A family needs a home where relatives can visit for months at a time, and their quirky craftsman isn't up to the task in it's current state. She wants Todd to help them start over in .. show full overview
A Little Space and Charm
13, 2019
A couple loved their 1908 home with character at first, but after having a third child, the tiny kitchen, plumbing problems and lack of storage are outweighing the charm. He hopes that .. show full overview
Radical Redesign
13, 2019
A family likes their cozy 1960s home with its large yard, but the small rooms and only one main-floor bathroom have them wishing for an updated house. Jillian will have to do a radical .. show full overview