Project Runway

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  • : 2004
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Road to Runway: Season 3 - Casting Special
Episode overview
12, 2006
Tim Gunn hosts the behind-the-scenes look at how the third season designers were cast, including bio videos of the designers and a look at how second season contestants are doing with their careers.
Wall to Wall
Episode overview
12, 2006
The fifteen designers chosen must create a garment only out of the materials located in their apartments.
Fit For A Queen
Episode overview
19, 2006
The designers were paired into groups and assigned to design and create a gown for Miss U.S.A. (Tara Conner) to wear for the Miss Universe pageant.
Designer's Best Friend
Episode overview
26, 2006
A visit to Central Park sets the scene in which the designers are informed that they'll be designing an evening outfit based on a story that's been inspired by a tiny dog. The designers must also design outfits for the dogs to wear.
Reap What You Sew
Episode overview
02, 2006
The remaining designers are asked to design a three piece look that embraces the INC (International Concepts) style and concept. Mehmet Tangoren, Vice President of Contemporary Sportswear for Macy’s guest judges.
Iconic Statement
Episode overview
09, 2006
The remaining designers face the challenge of modernizing a look for a famous fashion icon.
Waste Not, Want Not
Episode overview
16, 2006
Each designer is given 30 minutes to fill as many bins as they needed with recyclable materials. From these materials, they must an entire outfit.
Everyday Woman
Episode overview
23, 2006
With only eight designers remaining, Heidi challenges the crew to make a look for an "everyday woman" with some surprising new models helping them.
High Flying Fashion
Episode overview
30, 2006
The seven remaining designers have their talents tested when they are told to create an outfit that has a unique purpose.
Couture Du Jour
Episode overview
06, 2006
With the six designers are in Paris and the challenge is to make a couture gown.
Black and White
Episode overview
13, 2006
Two surprise guests shake things up for the remaining six contestants as they help them with their latest challenge.
What the Elle?
Episode overview
03, 2006
All four are going to Fashion Week!
Episode overview
04, 2006
The cast of Season 3 reunites to recap all the gripes, drama and other shenanigans which were only seen by those behind the scenes. One of the designers wins the first ever “Fan .. show full overview
Finale (1)
Episode overview
11, 2006
Each of the final four designers (Uli, Laura, Michael and Jeffrey) gets a special visit in their hometown from Tim Gunn. It's near the end of their process of completing their 12 designs .. show full overview
Finale (2)
Episode overview
18, 2006
Now we finally get to see all of the final collections from the designers and also find out who the judges will choose as the winner of Project Runway Season Three!