Project Runway

  • 7.4
  • : 2004
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Road to the Runway
Episode overview
07, 2005
Second season premiere!
Clothes Off Your Back
Episode overview
07, 2005
Heidi throws a roof-top party for the designers. At the party, she announces their next challenge: each must create an outfit using nothing besides the clothes he or she has worn to the party.
All Dolled Up
Episode overview
14, 2005
Tonight the contestants are asked to design for a global star.
Team Lingerie
Episode overview
21, 2005
The remaining designers must design lingerie for this week's challenge. The twist is -- they have to do it as teams.
Social Scene
Episode overview
04, 2006
The remaining designers must each design a dress for a prominent socialite -- Nicky Hilton. Hilton chooses the winner; the loser is eliminated.
Window Shopping
Episode overview
11, 2006
The designers that are left put together an ensemble for a famous clothing company, as well as a compelling and successful window display advertising the clothing.
On Thin Ice
Episode overview
18, 2006
The remaining designer wannabes have to get sporty when they have to create a garment for a professional figure skater.
Episode overview
25, 2006
The remaining contestants have to try to draw inspiration from their surroundings while outside in New York.
Flower Power
Episode overview
01, 2006
The remaining designers must design something suitable for a garden party while using things out of a garden.
Episode overview
08, 2006
The designers must design a "make over" look for another designer.
What's Your Line?
Episode overview
15, 2006
The remaining four contestants face off in the final competition before the final three advance to the Fall Fashion Week finale. They must design an evening gown that will be worn by Iman.
Episode overview
22, 2006
All the 16 contestants reunite to discuss their personal highs and woes during the various challenges and reflect on just how the show has changed their lives.
Finale (1)
Episode overview
01, 2006
In Part 1 of the two-part second-season finale, the three remaining designers return to their homes to create the line that will be shown in a face-off at New York Fashion Week. The .. show full overview
Finale (2)
Episode overview
08, 2006
In the conclusion of the two-part second season finale, the three remaining contestants must compete in a "face-off" at New York Fashion Week, as there lines are presented to the judges .. show full overview