• : 2008
  • : 65
  • : 5504
  • BBC One
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  • Action Adventure Drama Fantasy



The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
Episode overview
19, 2009
New servant Cedric muscles in on Merlin's position as Arthur's right-hand man, and turns the prince against his loyal friend. Merlin is convinced the slippery newcomer is up to .. show full overview
The Once and Future Queen
Episode overview
26, 2009
Arthur is determined to win an upcoming jousting competition at Camelot. Gwen challenges Arthur to give up his spoilt ways after he goes undercover with her and Merlin. Myror shows up at .. show full overview
The Nightmare Begins
Episode overview
03, 2009
When Morgana's nightmares spill into waking hours, she becomes terrified that she has the power of magic. Gaius is determined to keep her in the dark for her own good but Merlin won't .. show full overview
Lancelot and Guinevere
Episode overview
10, 2009
Gwen is mistaken for Morgana and kidnapped by the savage outlaw Hengist. Uther refuses to pay her ransom, so Arthur defies his father and heads out into dangerous enemy territory to .. show full overview
Beauty and the Beast (1)
Episode overview
24, 2009
Lady Catrina and her strange servant Jonas arrive in Camelot, where they are welcome to stay by a most delighted king Uther, who becomes captivated by his latest guest. Arthur, on the .. show full overview
Beauty and the Beast (2)
Episode overview
31, 2009
Lady Catrina has now been crowned and is now known as Queen Catrina. She accuses Merlin of stealing and he is driven into hiding, and must now find a way to expose her true form.
The Witchfinder
Episode overview
07, 2009
In his determination to rule magic out of Camelot forever, Uther hires the services of Aredian, a terrifying witch hunter who is most feared due to the fact that he stops at nothing in .. show full overview
The Sins of the Father
Episode overview
14, 2009
Arthur is challenged to a duel by a mysterious warrior. Arthur and Merlin then find themselves on a quest on Morgause's behalf. A dark secret is discovered by Arthur that could change Camelot forever.
The Lady of the Lake
Episode overview
21, 2009
Freya is found by Merlin trapped in a bounty hunter's cage and decides to try and help her escape. Merlin refuses to listen to Gaius' warnings not to get involved. After freeing her .. show full overview
Sweet Dreams
Episode overview
28, 2009
Peace talks are held at Camelot when dignitaries from rival kingdoms arrive. King Alined is determined there will be no peace though and will use magic to make sure his wishes happen.
The Witch's Quickening
Episode overview
05, 2009
Alvarr is determined to allow magic to be used gain and destroy Camelot. Alvarr needs to reclaim the Crystal of Neahtid to make his plan work. Alvarr and Morgana try to get their hands .. show full overview
The Fires of Idirsholas (1)
Episode overview
12, 2009
For the first time in over 300 the fires of Idirsholas burn years and Gaius is worried that a sorcerer has revived the deadly Knights of Medhir. Morgause returns and is determined to end Uther's reign at Camelot.
The Last Dragonlord (2)
Episode overview
19, 2009
The Great Dragon is finally free. Full of rage, he attacks Camelot with pitiless intensity. The castle is crumbling and Arthur's men cannot hold out much longer but only a Dragonlord can .. show full overview