• 8.3
  • : 2011
  • : 123
  • : 114k



The Grimm Identity
Episode overview
30, 2015
Nick must look inside himself and decide who he wants to be while also dealing with fathering a child with Adalind.
Clear and Wesen Danger
Episode overview
06, 2015
Nick makes changes to keep Adalind and his child safe, with the help of Monroe and Rosalee. Hank and his new partner investigate a murder at an investment group.
Lost Boys
Episode overview
13, 2015
Rosalee disappears after some orphans decide she is the mother figure they always wanted and an encounter with a former colleague prompts Adalind to consider going back to work.
Maiden Quest
Episode overview
20, 2015
A wealthy mobster entices three young men to work for his daughter's hand in marriage, and a surprise visitor shakes things up as Nick and Adalind struggle to adjust to home life.
Rat King
Episode overview
04, 2015
Nick and Hank are called to the scene when three Wesen go out on a hunt at a local dump and get more than they bargained for when two turn up dead after they encounter the mythical Rat .. show full overview
Wesen Nacht
Episode overview
11, 2015
Nick and Hank investigate a wave of coordinated Wesen gang vandalism that results in the death of a local business owner and the kidnapping of Monroe and Rosalee's friend. As they dig .. show full overview
Eve of Destruction
Episode overview
29, 2016
Nick and the gang are still reeling from the scope of the ambush and the surprise return of "Juliette", but not everything is as it seems. In light of the heightened Wesen violence, .. show full overview
A Reptile Dysfunction
Episode overview
05, 2016
A local legend comes back to life as Nick and Hank investigate a mysterious sighting linked to a tourist's death at a local lake. Rosalee's past comes back to haunt her. Elsewhere, .. show full overview
Episode overview
12, 2016
A barbaric Wesen ritual is brought to the present and Nick, Hank and Wu are already five steps behind the serial killer. To aid in the investigation, Monroe goes undercover. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Map of the Seven Knights
Episode overview
19, 2016
Monroe gets a call from a relative in Germany that will bring Nick closer to his ancestors. Things get complicated when the nefarious group Black Claw is also after the same artifacts. .. show full overview
Key Move
Episode overview
04, 2016
Newly gained artifacts take Nick and Monroe closer to the source of a long-gestating mystery. Elsewhere, Black Claw makes a deadly move that will send Portland into disarray.
Into the Schwarzwald
Episode overview
11, 2016
Nick and Monroe find a treasure in Germany that has been hidden for centuries. Back in Portland, Capt. Renard joins Hank and Wu to track down a deadly assassin who has thrown Portland .. show full overview
Silence of the Slams
Episode overview
18, 2016
A local maskmaker is targeting Wesen to create Luchador masks that bestows great power to its wearer. As Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee work to stop the killings, Capt. Renard considers .. show full overview
Episode overview
25, 2016
Following a brutal attack in the woods, Nick and Hank stumble upon a terrifying Wesen disease that may be the inspiration for the modern-day werewolf myth. Meanwhile, Adalind is offered .. show full overview
Skin Deep
Episode overview
01, 2016
When Nick and Hank come across a beautiful young woman who seems to have aged 70 years overnight and died, they suspect Wesen involvement. The investigation leads to a local doctor and .. show full overview
The Believer
Episode overview
08, 2016
An evangelical preacher has a tent revival unlike any other when he uses his Wesen identity to gain more believers. Nick and Hank are called to the scene as things escalate when a group .. show full overview
Episode overview
15, 2016
When the severed head of a young man is found under a bridge, Nick and Hank find themselves on the case of Japanese Wesen acting on an ancient tradition of revenge. Elsewhere, Adalind .. show full overview
Good to the Bone
Episode overview
22, 2016
When a man is found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed, Nick and Hank find themselves in the middle of a gruesome family arrangement. Meanwhile, Wu .. show full overview
The Taming of the Wu
Episode overview
29, 2016
Suffering from the bite he sustained, Sargeant Wu becomes entangled in a surprising altercation that may land him in hot water. After meeting the mysterious Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), .. show full overview
Bad Night
Episode overview
13, 2016
Nick leans on Monroe and Rosalee as he worries that he may lose everything as he continues to battle Black Claw. Captain Renard ramps up his campaign as election day nears. Elsewhere, .. show full overview
Beginning of the End (1)
Episode overview
20, 2016
Black Claw makes a strategic move against Hank that shocks everyone and sends Nick on a war path. Hadrian's Wall ramps up their investigation as they seek out a mysterious man named .. show full overview
Beginning of the End (2)
Episode overview
20, 2016
Black Claw makes a strategic move against Hank that shocks everyone and sends Nick on a war path. Hadrian's Wall ramps up their investigation as they seek out a mysterious man named .. show full overview