• 8.3
  • : 2011
  • : 123
  • : 114k



Episode overview
28, 2011
After the mysterious brutal attack of a local college co-ed, Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as .. show full overview
Bears Will Be Bears
Episode overview
04, 2011
After a case of breaking and entering has one of the intruders go missing, Nick and Hank talk to a mysterious family whose cultural background blurs the line of right and wrong. .. show full overview
Episode overview
11, 2011
The station is abuzz as Nick and Hank are called to a case where an innocent flash mob results in a gruesome homicide. As Nick delves further into the investigation, he learns more about .. show full overview
Episode overview
18, 2011
After investigating a strange cluster of female deaths and disappearances, Nick sends Monroe undercover to get a whiff of a hypnotic suspect. In the meantime, a stranger shows up looking .. show full overview
Danse Macabre
Episode overview
08, 2011
Nick and Hank's investigation of a dead high school teacher leads them to the school's outcast, Roddy. Nick realizes that there's more to Roddy than meets the eye, and enlists Monroe's .. show full overview
The Three Bad Wolves
Episode overview
09, 2011
Nick is called to a suspected arson case, which exposes a longstanding family feud that brings Monroe face-to-face with characters from his troubled past. While Monroe wrestles with .. show full overview
Let Your Hair Down
Episode overview
16, 2011
A mysterious homicide deep in the woods leads to Nick and Hank reopening a long-cold missing persons case. When Nick suspects this abducted person might be a feral creature, he asks Monroe to help remind this wild child of her human nature.
Game Ogre
Episode overview
13, 2012
An escapee returns to Portland seeking revenge against those who put him behind bars, including Hank, the arresting officer. His unusual strength and high tolerance for pain makes Nick .. show full overview
Of Mouse and Man
Episode overview
20, 2012
While investigating a gruesome homicide, Nick learns that a seemingly mild-mannered resident could be festering a potential monster created from a dark childhood. Meanwhile, Monroe is .. show full overview
Organ Grinder
Episode overview
03, 2012
As Portland’s homeless youth start to go missing, Nick uncovers a deadly black market supplying the Grimm world with human organs for all types of elixirs. As the investigation .. show full overview
Episode overview
10, 2012
Nick and Hank find themselves on the hunt for a deadly heartbreaker leaving behind a web of dead bodies. Meanwhile, Nick’s growing recognition among the creature world is starting to .. show full overview
Last Grimm Standing
Episode overview
24, 2012
A bizarre double homicide leads Nick and Hank to a boxing gym, which Nick discovers is a supplier for a darker, ritualistic fight club in the creature world. When Monroe lends a hand and .. show full overview
Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
Episode overview
02, 2012
A failed jewelry store robbery results in a murder that finds Nick and Hank immersed in a hunt for rare coins. Nick soon learns that these coins have an unsettling effect on whoever .. show full overview
Plumed Serpent
Episode overview
09, 2012
While investigating an arson-related homicide with Hank, Nick finds himself in the heated world of Portland fire-dancing where he meets a woman who might just be too hot to handle. With .. show full overview
Island of Dreams
Episode overview
30, 2012
After the grisly murder of a familiar shop owner, Nick joins forces with Monroe to help solve the murder. When the shop owner’s sister, Rosalee, comes to town, Nick thinks he may have .. show full overview
The Thing with Feathers
Episode overview
06, 2012
Nick pulls out all the stops to plan a romantic getaway for Juliette in an attempt to get their relationship back on track. Nick’s duties as a Grimm get in the way of romance when he .. show full overview
Love Sick
Episode overview
13, 2012
Nick and Juliette join Hank for dinner, where Nick discovers Hank’s mystery date is none other than Adalind, the same Hexenbiest who tried to kill Aunt Marie. Meanwhile, Captain Renard .. show full overview
Cat and Mouse
Episode overview
20, 2012
While investigating a string of murders, Nick and Hank learn that their suspect’s crime wave began overseas. When Nick discovers the suspect is being harbored by none other than Monroe .. show full overview
Leave It to Beavers
Episode overview
27, 2012
As Nick delves into the trailer’s weapons cabinet and his inner Grimm, the investigation of a dead construction worker leads him into a long standing conflict in the creature world. .. show full overview
Happily Ever Aftermath
Episode overview
04, 2012
Nick and Hank are called to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch, after her stepdaughter loses everything in a Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Juliette does some digging .. show full overview
Big Feet
Episode overview
11, 2012
After Juliette stumbles upon a brutal murder, Nick learns the suspected creature, and friend of Monroe, is suffering from a mysterious condition — the inability to completely return to .. show full overview
Woman in Black
Episode overview
18, 2012
As Nick delves deeper into his life as a Grimm, a trail of grotesque murders reignites the search for the elusive gold coins. The arrival of a mysterious woman in black begins to get in .. show full overview