• : 1986
  • : 74
  • : 1
  • BBC One
  • 20
  • Comedy



Episode 1
Episode overview
10, 1989
Adrian becomes a hero by accident and, despite warnings, starts to embellish his role in the proceedings. Billy is troubled by his forthcoming divorce, Joey gets a worrying letter from .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
17, 1989
Joey visits the taxman to plead his case but his words fall on deaf ears, Aveline suggests to Oswald that he should have a sperm count and Billy attends court to get his divorce. But all .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
24, 1989
Jack soon gets back into the swing of buying and selling but the piano he buys causes more trouble than it is worth. Joey tells his mother about his debt and the family agree to pull .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
01, 1989
When Adrian helps Jack to recover his stolen piano, they come into conflict with Yizzel and his mate - once again. Lilo Lill has taken a job in service to be near Freddie, whilst Freddie has sold his flat in order to pay Joey's debt.
Episode 5
Episode overview
08, 1989
Aveline is causing concern for everybody as she continues to believe in her phantom pregnancy. Adrian is concerned that Magdalena has not replied to his letter, Billy hears that Julie .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
15, 1989
Mongy, the family dog, has been accused of biting a little girl and the police are called in to investigate. Billy changes his image in order to make Julie jealous, Jack gets a bumper .. show full overview
Episode 7
Episode overview
22, 1989
Aveline has good news about Oswald's sperm count, Adrian finally hears from Magdalena and Joey's loyalty to the family drives a bigger wedge between him and Roxy. Meanwhile, Shifty is in .. show full overview
Episode 8
Episode overview
29, 1989
Jack arrives home drunk and is whisked in to Grandad's house to avoid a confrontation with his mother ... and the vicar! Aveline decides to put her desire for a baby on hold while she returns to modelling and Nellie meets her admirer in the park.
Episode 9
Episode overview
05, 1989
Jack inherits Mrs. Cumberland's dog in her will but the animal is causing quite a stir in the Boswell household. When it disappears Jack becomes the beneficiary of a piece of good .. show full overview
Episode 10
Episode overview
12, 1989
Jack is smitten with Rachael, Adrian is meeting Magdalena at the airport, Billy is trying to impress Julie with his new look and Joey is away with Roxy. Mrs Boswell is happy for her sons .. show full overview
Episode 11
Episode overview
19, 1989
Adrian announces that he is having a second book of poems published but his news is trumped by Aveline's announcement that she is in the "glossies". Their good news is overshadowed when .. show full overview
Episode 12
Episode overview
26, 1989
Aveline is finally pregnant but the timing is not to her liking now she has made the "glossies". Meanwhile, Grandad has been robbed, but his possessions are replaced when all the family rally round.
Episode 13
Episode overview
03, 1989
It's Ma Boswell's birthday and she waits by the phone for Derek to ring and make her day. A surprise visit from Roxy causes Joey problems but he is surprised by his mother's reaction when he finally admits the relationship to her.
1989 Christmas Special
Episode overview
25, 1989
Christmas for the Boswells brings its usual mix of hilarity, sadness and surprises.