• : 1986
  • : 74
  • : 1
  • BBC One
  • 20
  • Comedy



Episode 1
Episode overview
01, 1986
The family talks about their dreams and what they hope to achieve in the future. Over breakfast discussions develop about working and what the individual members of the Boswell family .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
08, 1986
Billy buys a ring for Julie, but later learns that opals are bad luck and is told to get rid of it.
Episode 3
Episode overview
15, 1986
Freddie's mistress has left him, so he decides to pay the Boswells a visit - and is met with very different reactions.
Episode 4
Episode overview
22, 1986
A photographer suggests Aveline should pose topless and wishes he hadn't. Jack makes an unsuccessful entry into the art world.
Episode 5
Episode overview
29, 1986
Freddie's sea-faring brother has died and the Boswells decide to arrange a burial at sea.
Episode 6
Episode overview
05, 1986
Billy finds out that he is to become a father, Joey learns of his dad's gambling debt, Adrian is made redundant, Aveline's nude pictures are published and Jack buries a stolen candlestick in his Grandma's grave.