• : 1986
  • : 74
  • : 1
  • BBC One
  • 20
  • Comedy



Episode 1
Episode overview
01, 1991
Joey’s past returns to haunt him. Billy finds himself in trouble with the law, and Freddie is notable by his absence.
Episode 2
Episode overview
08, 1991
Mrs Boswell reports Freddie's disappearance - as Jack and Leonora discover that somebody else is looking for him.
Episode 3
Episode overview
15, 1991
Mrs Boswell has her cards read to help find out where Freddie is. Meanwhile the rest of the family check out a country mansion.
Episode 4
Episode overview
22, 1991
Mrs Boswell has trouble with a neighbour, Billy has a new job and Aveline is offered the chance of a lifetime.
Episode 5
Episode overview
29, 1991
Mrs Boswell is rushed to hospital after a day out with her friend Derek. Meanwhile, Grandad receives a visit from Lilo Lill.
Episode 6
Episode overview
06, 1991
The Boswell family try to cope without Mum, who has some surprise visitors - her ‘fancy man’ Derek and Lilo Lill.
Episode 7
Episode overview
13, 1991
Mrs Boswell, newly released from hospital, meets the family at the Victorian mansion for their holiday. But things aren’t exactly relaxing.
Episode 8
Episode overview
20, 1991
Connie and Oswald join the holiday to see Billy and Aveline, and Joey’s protest about the game shooting on the estate wins him an admirer.
Episode 9
Episode overview
27, 1991
Adrian, who has been writing his memoirs, makes a decision that will change his life. Joey has reached the end of his tether.
Episode 10
Episode overview
03, 1991
Joey and Adrian return from Gretna Green with their respective wives, Leonora has a surprise for Jack and Grandad dreams of Edie Matheson.