Always And Everyone

  • : 1999
  • : 40
  • : 0
  • ITV1
  • Drama



A New Breed
Episode overview
04, 2002
A fatal motorway coach crash results in a hectic shift for the team. Danny Barton's first day goes from bad to worse when he inadvertently informs a patient's relatives of their son's .. show full overview
The Protégé
Episode overview
11, 2002
Christine is interviewed for the position of clinical director in Robert's absence. Jack discovers that one of his former pupils, James De Costa, is being primed for a new registrar's .. show full overview
Out of Time
Episode overview
18, 2002
Robert is surprised to learn about Christine's promotion, but is forced to put his emotions on the back burner to deal with a double stabbing. Christine deals with a difficult patient .. show full overview
Against the State
Episode overview
25, 2002
An elderly patient admitted with a broken arm makes a live television interview claiming that he was assaulted by a group of black youths. His claims spark racial tension in the black .. show full overview
Warrior's Heart
Episode overview
01, 2002
Christine and Ruth come head-to-head over the treatment of a patient involved in a road traffic accident. Poppy's first day as a qualified nurse practitioner goes from bad to worse when .. show full overview
Death of an Everyday Occurrence
Episode overview
08, 2002
Jack is angered when James takes credit for one of his operations on television. Danny deals with a difficult elderly patient whose daughter suffers from William's Syndrome. Jeffrey .. show full overview
Do Not Pass Go
Episode overview
15, 2002
Danny and Judy try to prevent the relatives of a young boy who died of cardiac arrest finding out that he died in a brothel after having sex with another man. Robert tries to save the .. show full overview
The Last Will and Testament of Robert Kingsford
Episode overview
22, 2002
As it is Robert's last day, the rest of the team plan a surprise party for him. However, before he can take a sabbatical, he is forced to put all his efforts into saving a young boy who .. show full overview