Always And Everyone

  • : 1999
  • : 40
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  • ITV1
  • Drama



Med School Educate
Episode overview
11, 2001
New nurse practitioner Samantha Docherty's first day goes from bad to worse when a man she met the night before whilst out clubbing is admitted to the hospital in the custody of two .. show full overview
Episode overview
12, 2001
Robert deals with a young schoolteacher who is admitted with a bout of severe vomiting, and discovers that he has inadvertently drunk industrial strength weed killer, making his chances .. show full overview
The Path of Progress
Episode overview
16, 2001
Jack is appointed clinical director over Robert, and immediately begins trying to get Christine on side. Mike returns from London with the intention of getting his old job back. Robert .. show full overview
Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Episode overview
19, 2001
Louise and Stuart clash over the treatment of a potentially braindead patient, and the stress of the situation forces Christine to question Louise's ability to continue working during .. show full overview
A Place of Refuge
Episode overview
03, 2001
Robert is outraged when Christine's efforts to stretch the department budget result in a heart attack patient suffering cardiac arrest. Mike deals with a young girl who has an allergic .. show full overview
The Law of the Land
Episode overview
10, 2001
In an effort to improve departmental relations, Andrew is sent out into the field with paramedics Trish and Brian. When the trio are called to a disused warehouse by an anonymous caller, .. show full overview
Safe from Harm
Episode overview
17, 2001
Whilst performing an incubation, Stuart fails to notice that his patient has a recessive jaw, and ends up causing a loss of oxygen to his brain. The aftermath of the situation leads to .. show full overview
Medicine, My Lawful Wife
Episode overview
24, 2001
Robert deals with a gunshot patient who is reluctant to reveal how he received his injuries. The team are angered by a new directive from management which states that only registered .. show full overview
One of our Own
Episode overview
31, 2001
Kate and Andrew deal with a mother and daughter who are involved in a serious car accident, but Kate becomes suspicious of the father's reluctance to reveal how he sustained facial .. show full overview
Crossing the Line
Episode overview
14, 2001
Andrew deals with two young children involved in a serious accident on a railway line. Terry has his hands full dealing with a disruptive patient who is determined to bribe her way into .. show full overview
Healthy in Body
Episode overview
21, 2001
Robert is angered to discover that Jack has called a risk management investigator into the hospital to question the team following the incubation disaster. Mike goes head-to-head with .. show full overview
The Mortal Mind
Episode overview
28, 2001
Robert confronts Jack over the risk management investigation. Unwilling to let Robert ruin his mood, Jack attends a hospital fundraiser, but is called away during the festivities by .. show full overview
Scrambled Eggs
Episode overview
05, 2001
The arrival of management consultants brings Robert to his lowest ebb, and he is forced to control his emotions whilst dealing with a dementia patient whose daughter is in denial. Terry .. show full overview
Silence is Golden
Episode overview
12, 2001
Christine confronts Jack and forces him to admit the truth. Robert formally announces that he is leaving the hospital. A gas explosion in a poker club results in an influx of injured .. show full overview