All Creatures Great & Small (2020)

  • : 2020
  • : 30
  • : 172
  • Channel 5
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama



Episode overview
05, 2023
It's Easter 1940 and, with Tristan away, Skeldale House is busier than ever. Everyone looks to the future, and James tries to save a dog from its owner.
Carpe Diem
Episode overview
12, 2023
Siegfried hires an experienced bookkeeper, but her efficient approach doesn't suit everyone. James and Helen arrive at a decision, and a ferret presents a challenge for the practice.
Right Hand Man
Episode overview
19, 2023
When new vet Richard Carmody joins the practice, James feels his place by Siegfried’s side is threatened. Conflicts come to the surface at Mrs Pumphrey’s community tea party.
By the Book
Episode overview
26, 2023
Helen rallies the community to help the new farmers while she waits for some personal news. Carmody meets Bernard the tortoise and tries to treat the owner too.
Episode overview
02, 2023
James prepares for his new life, but struggles to get everything in place for Helen and Skeldale House. Carmody finds his place at Skeldale, assisted by a surprising mentor.
The Home Front
Episode overview
09, 2023
Helen feels redundant at Skeldale, and Mrs Hall worries for Siegfried. Both women are about to learn where they truly belong...
On a Wing and a Prayer
Episode overview
21, 2023
Faced with a daunting future, James longs to see Helen, but an injured bird stands in his way. Siegfried and Carmody try to support Mrs Hall's community efforts.