• : 2014
  • : 83
  • : 7203
  • 20
  • Drama Fantasy Romance



A Life Well Lost
Episode overview
16, 2023
Jamie races toward Wilmington to rescue Claire from the gallows, only to discover that the American Revolution has reached North Carolina.
The Happiest Place on Earth
Episode overview
23, 2023
Claire makes a startling discovery about Roger and Brianna’s newborn daughter. A familiar face returns to the Ridge with explosive consequences.
Death Be Not Proud
Episode overview
30, 2023
Jamie discovers Arch Bug has been keeping a dangerous secret. In the 20th century, Roger and Brianna find a link to Jamie and Claire.
A Most Uncomfortable Woman
Episode overview
07, 2023
On the way to Scotland, Jamie is pulled back into the Revolutionary War. William is sent on a covert mission. Roger and Brianna struggle to adapt to life in the 1980s.
Episode overview
14, 2023
At Ticonderoga, Jamie and Claire prepare for an imminent British assault. Roger compiles information about time travel while Brianna earns the respect of her coworkers.
Where the Waters Meet
Episode overview
21, 2023
Jamie and Claire help civilians flee Ticonderoga after the fort falls into British hands. Roger discovers the identity of the mysterious "Nuckelavee".
A Practical Guide for Time-Travellers
Episode overview
28, 2023
Jamie prepares to face British forces in battle. Roger and Brianna question Buck MacKenzie's intentions in the 20th century. William fights in the First Battle of Saratoga.
Turning Points
Episode overview
11, 2023
Jamie fights in the pivotal Second Battle of Saratoga. Roger and Brianna search for Jemmy.