• Classificação #208
  • Estreia: Mar 2013
  • Episódios: 24
  • Seguidores: 3800
  • Acabou
  • ITV1
  • Segunda-Feira às 21
  • Crime Drama Mystery


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Temporada 3
Episode 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 27, 2017
DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy are called in to investigate a serious sexual assault in the Dorset community.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 06, 2017
Ellie and Hardy realize that the location of the attack and all the surrounding circumstances are going to make this a difficult investigation.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 13, 2017
Ellie and Hardy appeal to Trish to be more open with them. Trish receives an unnerving gift from an anonymous sender.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 20, 2017
DC Harford discovers a new suspect who doesn't have an alibi. Cath reveals new information about the night of her party. Hardy and Ellie get a match on the male DNA found on Trish.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 27, 2017
A new witness turns Trish's case upside down. Katie discovers a new link between the case and a key suspect. Beth tells her supervisor about Trish's case.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 03, 2017
Ellie and Hardy bring in Ed Burnett for questioning. In a search of his premises, Ellie finds devastating new evidence linking him to the crime.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 10, 2017
Important pieces of evidence come to light against all the key suspects in the case.
3x8 Final da série
Episode 8
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Abr 17, 2017
Ellie and Hardy uncover the truth behind Trish Winterman's rape, and lives in Broadchurch are changed forever.

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