Orphan Black

  • Pontuação 8.8
  • Estreia: Mar 2013
  • Episódios: 50
  • Seguidores: 13,9k
  • Classificação #49
  • Acabou
  • BBC America
  • Sábado às 10


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Temporada 5
The Few Who Dare
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 10, 2017
As the fifth and final season opens, Sarah is deeply wounded and struggling to stay alive on the Island. Driven deep into its forest by Neolutionists and worse, she strives to make it .. show full overview
Clutch of Greed
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 17, 2017
Captured by Neolution Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel: come into the fold, or lose your family. Her decision causes a clash with Kira who begins exploring her own .. show full overview
Beneath Her Heart
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 24, 2017
Stuck on the sidelines with Neolutionists crawling all over her home, Alison seeks to return to her community center, but Bailey Downs has moved on from her. As she flounders to take .. show full overview
Let the Children and Childbearers Toil
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 01, 2017
Following up on intel from a mysterious source, Mrs. S heads on the road with Sarah to investigate a lead on a Neolution defector. Meanwhile, an unexpected reunion takes place on the island, while Cosima's research leads her to a terrible discovery.
Ease for Idle Millionaires
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 08, 2017
While Sarah and Kira spend some well-needed bonding time at home, secrets are unlocked about Kira's special gifts that are surprisingly linked to the island's creature. Meanwhile, Cosima joins Delphine at the mansion for a twisted family dinner.
Manacled Slim Wrists
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 15, 2017
Cosima is forced into an alliance with Susan Duncan when an old enemy returns to the island, accelerating P.T. Westmorland's sinister agenda. Meanwhile, Krystal stumbles onto a vital clue to the Neolution endgame.
Gag or Throttle
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 22, 2017
As P.T. Westmorland demands a more aggressive approach with Kira, Rachel discovers a dark secret that makes her question her place within Neolution. Sarah fights to save her daughter.
Guillotines Decide
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 29, 2017
The sisters take a night off to celebrate Felix's art opening. Wounded and desperate, Rachel reunites with an old ally, but their plans for revenge on Neolution put clone club in the line of fire.
One Fettered Slave
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 05, 2017
As Sarah reels from a painful loss, she's dealt another blow: Helena has been kidnapped. The sisters band together in a race against time, determined to find Helena before an unmasked and unhinged John Mathieson lays hands on her babies.
5x10 Final da série
To Right the Wrongs of Many
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 12, 2017
In the series finale, Helena prepares to deliver in the basement of Old Dyad while Sarah and Art fight to protect her from Neolution.

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