World Without End

  • Premiera: Wrz 2012
  • Odcinki: 8
  • Obserwujący: 386
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  • Środa w 21
  • Drama History Mini-series Romance Thriller


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Sezon 1
Episode overview
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Wrz 04, 2012
Queen Isabella defeats and imprisons her husband King Edward II, crowning their young son Edward III. In the town of Kingsbridge, made famous in PILLARS OF THE EARTH, rumors are rampant .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Wrz 11, 2012
Kingsbridge is busy with its Fleece Fair, but the town's creaking, rickety bridge may fail any day. After being forced into a loveless marriage, Caris continues to see Merthin and tries .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Wrz 18, 2012
After the bridge collapse, Caris helps the wounded and hopes to open a hospital. Godwyn schemes to become Prior following the suspicious drowning of Prior Anthony. King Edward III declares war on France, and the Hundred Years' War begins.
Episode overview
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Wrz 25, 2012
Petranilla will stop at nothing to see Godwyn’s power rise continue. When Caris tries to foil Godwyn’s plans, she is framed for murder and faces execution.
Episode overview
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Paź 02, 2012
Forced to become a nun, Caris travels to France to petition the King to stop Godwyn’s sinister plans. She finds herself in the middle of a spectacular war raging between England and .. show full overview
Episode overview
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Paź 09, 2012
The Black Death makes it way to England. Kingsbridge is ravaged by the plague and the town descends into chaos.
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 17, 2012
Godwyn is shocked to discover Caris has been made Prior. A peasant rebellion rises up against Kingsbridge’s Crown-appointed Lord Ralph.
1x8 Finał emisji
Episode overview
Data emisji
Paź 23, 2012
Caris and Merthin are reunited in love, but it may be too late. Godwyn will stop at nothing to destroy Caris and see her burned as a witch. The King’s Army arrives to quell the peasant .. show full overview

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