Political Animals

  • Wynik 8.0
  • Premiera: Lip 2012
  • Odcinki: 6
  • Obserwujący: 665
  • Pozycja #790
  • Zakończony
  • USA Network
  • Niedziela w 10


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Sezon 1
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 15, 2012
In this series opener, the US Secretary of State tries to protect a shocking family secret all the while dealing with an Iranian hostage crisis.
Second Time Around
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 22, 2012
Douglas discovers Elaine has plans to run for office again as T.J. revisits his old habits and hits rock bottom. Elaine has Bud negotiate for the lives of Iranian hostages, placing him back into the spotlight.
The Woman Problem
Episode overview
Data emisji
Lip 29, 2012
Elaine makes an announcement to her family; the Hammond men visit a pollster during an impromptu fishing trip; Garcetti enacts a plan that puts Elaine in conflict with her longtime mentor; and Susan shares her top-secret story with Alex.
Lost Boys
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 05, 2012
T.J. recounts the events that lead up to his suicide attempt while dealing with his family's lack of interest in his club opening. Douglas struggles to cope with his betrayal and .. show full overview
16 Hours
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 12, 2012
Elaine's attention is torn between catering to T.J. and a Chinese submarine rescue mission. She also makes a deal with Susan allowing her unlimited access to the rescue mission in exchange for her discretion about T.J.
1x6 finał emisji
Resignation Day
Episode overview
Data emisji
Sie 19, 2012
In the Season 1 finale, Elaine's plan to resign hits a snag and her resignation letter leaks to the press. Elsewhere, Douglas confesses his betrayal and makes a rash decision; and a surprising event leaves everyone at a crossroads.

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