Through the Wormhole

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Are There Aliens Inside Us?
Apr 23, 2015
Odds are pretty good that extraterrestrial life exists; new research shows we should look closer to home, possibly inside our bodies.
Do We Live in the Matrix?
Apr 23, 2015
Scientists, in various of fields, are taking seriously the possibility that this world maybe a virtual reality.
Are We All Bigots?
Apr 28, 2015
If you had less than one second to make a life-or-death decision to shoot a man who might be armed with a lethal weapon, what would you do? Would the ethnicity of the man affect your .. show full overview
Can Time Go Backwards?
Mei 05, 2015
The ticking clock could just be a trick of the mind; looking at the possibilities that science can make the clock move backwards.
Are We Here for a Reason?
Mei 12, 2015
The show takes a look at a new theory that says instead of passing on genes, humans have another purpose.
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Why Do We Lie?
Jun 02, 2015
The brains of pathological liars may provide insights on whether the human brain is wired for lying; technology can either make it easier for us to be dishonest, or could it someday instantly reveal someone is lying.

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