Through the Wormhole

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Is There a Creator?
Jun 09, 2010
It's perhaps the biggest, most controversial mystery in the cosmos. Did our Universe just come into being by random chance, or was it created by a God who nurtures and sustains all life? .. show full overview
The Riddle of Black Holes
Jun 16, 2010
They are the most powerful objects in the universe. Nothing, not even light, can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole. Astronomers now believe there are billions of them out in .. show full overview
Is Time Travel Possible?
Jun 23, 2010
Einstein's Theory of Relativity says that time travel is perfectly possible — if you're going forward. Finding a way to travel backwards requires breaking the speed of light, which so .. show full overview
What Happened Before the Beginning?
Jun 30, 2010
Every cosmologist and astronomer agrees: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists are now able to take a snapshot of the Universe a mere .. show full overview
How Did We Get Here?
Jul 05, 2010
Everywhere we look, life exists in both the most hospitable of environments and in the most extreme. Yet we have only ever found life on our planet. How did the stuff of stars come .. show full overview
Are We Alone?
Jul 14, 2010
Aliens almost certainly do exist. So why haven't we yet met E.T.? It turns out we're only just developing instruments powerful enough to scan for them, and science sophisticated enough .. show full overview
What Are We Really Made of?
Jul 21, 2010
Our understanding of the universe and the nature of reality itself has drastically changed over the last 100 years, and it's on the verge of another seismic shift. In a 17-mile-long .. show full overview
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Beyond the Darkness
Jul 28, 2010
What is the universe made of? If you answered stars, planets, gas and dust, you'd be dead wrong. Thirty years ago, scientists first realized that some unknown dark substance was .. show full overview

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