• in première gegaan: Apr 2003
  • Afleveringen: 13
  • Volgers: 5
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  • Comedy Drama


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Seizoen 1
Episode overview
Apr 08, 2003
After winning $1 million in the World Series of Poker at a Las Vegas casino, Michael ""Lucky"" Linkletter lived like a king... briefly. Now, one year later, he's penniless. Although .. show full overview
Calling Dr. Con
Episode overview
Apr 15, 2003
In order to settle his debt with Joey Leggs, Lucky is forced to continue to gamble. Lucky's efforts are complicated when he meets a doctor, Amy, and her ""son"" who are down on their .. show full overview
Up the Steaks
Episode overview
Apr 22, 2003
A frazzled Theresa starts questioning her relationship with Lucky, feeling as if she is spending her nights with a compulsive gambler who has no clear goals. Lucky assures Theresa that .. show full overview
Come Lie With Me
Episode overview
Apr 29, 2003
As Theresa withdraws from her gambling addiction and has continued trouble with her husband, she relies on Lucky for support as her sponsor. In order to disguise the fact that he is a hypocrite, Lucky conceals from Theresa that he is gambling again.
The Tell
Episode overview
Mei 06, 2003
As an important satellite tournament quickly approaches, Lucky develops a ""tell"" (a telltale sign to other players when Lucky is bluffing). Vinny and Mutha try to appear as a couple of card-counting geniuses to scam an unsuspecting target.
Something for Everyone
Episode overview
Mei 13, 2003
On the anniversary of his wife, Sarah's, suicide, a grief-stricken Lucky is determined to play out the mantra she lived by, helping him to defy the odds of Las Vegas and win big at every .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mei 20, 2003
When Mutha and Vinny are caught stealing coins in the Wild Pony Casino, the very reverent Detective Gibby McCall, sees his opportunity to extort Lucky for five thousand dollars.
The Method
Episode overview
Mei 27, 2003
A famous actor, Bobby Blaine, makes a deal with Lucky to be his technical advisor and show him what it's like to be a real gambler.
Lie, Cheat, and Deal
Episode overview
Jun 03, 2003
Lucky is banned from gambling at the casinos after he is accused of cheating. Innocent, Lucky enlists Vinny and Mutha's help as he hunts down the people that have set him up. All clues .. show full overview
Leaving Las Vegas
Episode overview
Jun 10, 2003
Every year, on his birthday, Lucky plays roulette to decide his fate in Vegas. If he ever hits the number of his birthday on the wheel, he'll leave. This year he wins.
The Dating Game
Episode overview
Jun 17, 2003
Lucky and Theresa are at a crossroads in their relationship and after they get in a fight, Mutha and Vinny try to fix things and only make matters worse.
Money on Your Back
Episode overview
Jun 24, 2003
Lucky talks a judge into releasing Danny for five days before his trial, so long as he remains shackled to Lucky, who's playing in a poker tournament. Vinny and Mutha wonder if they've bottomed out and Theresa gambles after being clean for 57 days.
1x13 Seriefinale
It's in the Stars
Episode overview
Jul 01, 2003
Lucky and Theresa's relationship is tested by his resolve to play in the World Championship of Poker, while she faces a hard question from her Gamblers Anonymous sponsor after 57 days of not gambling.

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