• Iniziato: Apr 2016
  • Episodi: 15
  • Followers: 34
  • Terminata
  • BBC Three
  • Venerdì alle 10
  • Comedy Crime Thriller


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Stagione 3
Episode 1
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Gen 12, 2018
Could things get any worse for Leanne and Rhona? Their gung-ho attempt to frame nemesis Willy Whelan backfires. Now, Rhona finds herself trapped in Willy's secret weapons room as his .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Gen 19, 2018
Leanne is flourishing in her new 'wit pro' identity as estate agent of the month, Julie. But things aren't as rosy for Rhona, toiling away as a cowboy-hatted waitress in a theme .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Gen 26, 2018
Leanne and Rhona turn super sleuth, tracking the rival Bristol gang down to a kebab shop. Disguised as good cop/bad cop, the girls put on a performance they hope will trick the rival .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Feb 02, 2018
Leanne and Rhona need to lure Willy Whelan to their fake Tudor Banquet, so that Baz can try to kill him "with hammers". An undercover escapade in a beauty salon convinces his wife to .. show full overview
3x5 Ultimo episodio della serie
Episode 5
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Feb 09, 2018
Ambushed by the gang, Rhona and Leanne are trapped as the building burns down around them. It looks as though Willy Whelan has triumphed in this final stand-off. But will Patrick betray .. show full overview

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