The Scholar Who Walks the Night

  • Score 9.0
  • : Juil 2015
  • Épisodes: 20
  • Abonnés: 15
  • Classement #6312
  • Fini
  • MBC
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Saison 1 Discuss
Episode 1
Date de diffusion
Juil 08, 2015
Betrothed by his beloved, scholar Sung Yeol unexpectedly joins the undead. Now he must track down the one diary that will destroy Gwi, a bloodthristy vampire determined to rule the human world.
Episode 2
Date de diffusion
Juil 09, 2015
In the midst of Sung Yeol's search for the lost diary, he discovers that the people are beginning to question the prince's death that took place a decade ago.
Episode 3
Date de diffusion
Juil 15, 2015
While Yang Sun insists on helping Sung Yeol track down the journal, Crown Prince Lee Yoon continues to hunt down all those who defy the crown.
Episode 4
Date de diffusion
Juil 16, 2015
The search for Forbidden Quest heats up, as talk of the sequel attracts more attention. With Prince Sadong's memorial approaching, living in hiding becomes more difficult for Gwi.
Episode 5
Date de diffusion
Juil 22, 2015
As Gwi continues to look for the manuscript, Sung Yeol struggles with how his growing feelings for Yang Sun strike his desire to live as a human.
Episode 6
Date de diffusion
Juil 23, 2015
Yang Sun is reluctant to leave when Sung Yeol sends her away. The king discovers the identity of Forbidden Quest.
Episode 7
Date de diffusion
Juil 29, 2015
Gwi uses innocent people to try and draw out Forbidden Quest, which spurs Sung Yeol to come out of hiding.
Episode 8
Date de diffusion
Juil 30, 2015
Sung Yeol is determined to use the people's sentiment to turn the tide against Gwi. The king hands over the search for Forbidden Quest to the Crown Prince.
Episode 9
Date de diffusion
Août 05, 2015
Accused of being Forbidden Quest, Yang Sun and her father are imprisoned for treason. Realizing that Yang Sun's life is in danger, Sung Yeol decides to face Gwi.
Episode 10
Date de diffusion
Août 06, 2015
While Sung Yeol thinks of a way to rescue Yang Sun who is now a palace slave, Crown Prince Lee Yoon does an about face to his ideals as Forbidden Quest.
Episode 11
Date de diffusion
Août 12, 2015
A potential alliance between Sung Yeol and the Crown Prince is threatened when a hunter's appearance comes between them.
Episode 12
Date de diffusion
Août 13, 2015
In the final preparations in the fight against Gwi, the king learns of the three crucial clues needed to take down his sworn enemy.
Episode 13
Date de diffusion
Août 19, 2015
With the prince pushed ahead to lead the fight, Sung Yeol is alarmed when he finds out how much he must sacrifice when it comes to defeating Gwi.
Episode 14
Date de diffusion
Août 20, 2015
Greatly weakened by being unable to feed, Sung Yeol desperately tries to prevent Yang Sun from being captured.
Episode 15
Date de diffusion
Août 26, 2015
Sung Yeol and Yang Sun remain in hiding while Lee Yoon continues his fight against Gwi, who is becoming increasingly impatient with each passing day.
Episode 16
Date de diffusion
Août 27, 2015
Now having learned the truth about the secret keys to destroying Gwi, Sung Yeol must rescue Yang Sun before it is too late.
Episode 17
Date de diffusion
Sept 02, 2015
Everyone is taken aback when a new side of Sung Yeol unexpectedly appears. Will Sung Yeol be able to fight his instincts or succumb to his cravings?
Episode 18
Date de diffusion
Sept 03, 2015
As Gwi assumes power in the kingdom, Sung Yeol feels that the future is bleak, and is encouraged to have faith in humanity.
Episode 19
Date de diffusion
Sept 09, 2015
Gwi decides to bait Lee Yoong into returning to the place. Sung Yeol and the others try to come up with an alternative plan to destroy Gwi.
1x20 Épisode final de la série
Episode 20
Date de diffusion
Sept 10, 2015
While making preparations for the last stand against Gwi, everyone involved must be prepared for whatever the outcome is.

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