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Saison 1 Discuss
The Night Of
Date de diffusion
Fév 15, 2019
In the middle of a June night in 1993, a young woman slices off her husband's penis in a seeming fit of rage. John and Lorena Bobbitt's dueling versions of the attack explode into the .. show full overview
A Woman in Trouble
Date de diffusion
Fév 15, 2019
Acquitted of rape, John became a celebrity while Lorena stood trial, facing decades in prison. TV cameras recorded her ordeal as prosecutors attacked her relentlessly-a jealous shrew, a .. show full overview
An Irresistible Impulse
Date de diffusion
Fév 15, 2019
As Lorena's trial resumed, all agreed she had been abused. But was she legally insane when she attacked John? Millions stayed glued to their TVs as her testimony reached the fateful .. show full overview
1x4 Épisode final de la série
The Cycle of Abuse
Date de diffusion
Fév 15, 2019
Millions of TV viewers sat glued to their sets to see what fate Lorena would meet. Would she be found guilty and deported? Found not guilty and have the opportunity to rebuild? John and .. show full overview

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