Her Private Life

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  • : Avr 2019
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Saison 1
Do You Know What It Means to Be a Fan?
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 10, 2019
Deok Mi, a successful curator of Chaeum Art Gallery, visits an auction show in Shanghai to purchase her only idol, Shi An’s birthday gift, but fails to get it because of Ryan. After .. show full overview
I'm Sorry for Acting Like I'm a Normal Person
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 11, 2019
Deok Mi gets fired because of a misunderstanding regarding Artist Ahn’s exhibition. Ryan comes to know the truth behind it and tries to hire Deok Mi again, but fails to change her final .. show full overview
Let's Be Well-Mannered
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 17, 2019
Deok Mi finally gets to visit Shi Ahn’s house to have a meeting regarding art exhibition. However, Deok Mi accidently gets wet and leaves the house with Ryan’s jacket, and a rumor about .. show full overview
I Will Protect My Baby
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 18, 2019
Ryan asks Deok Mi to be in a fake relationship and take pictures of them spending time together to stop Deok Mi from getting attacks from Shi An’s fans. Meanwhile, one of Shi An’s fans, .. show full overview
A Fangirl's Eyes Are Filled with Love
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 24, 2019
After coming to know the truth of Deok Mi’s sexuality, Ryan starts keeping some distance between him and Deok Mi, and this makes Sindy to think more suspicious about their relationship. .. show full overview
Accident Prone Area for Fanatics
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Avr 25, 2019
Deok Mi cannot stop herself from caring for Ryan after coming back from the business trip. Deok Mi visits Ryan’s house to check the water leak issue, but Ryan gets furious after seeing .. show full overview
Fangirls Use Their Dating Fortune for More Fangirling
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 01, 2019
Deok Mi’s parents encounter Deok Mi and Ryan at Deok Mi’s house, and invite Ryan to their place for dinner. Meanwhile, both Deok Mi and Hyo Jin get selected for Shi An’s autograph event. .. show full overview
If the Sea's Job is to Make Waves, a Fangirl's Job is to be Delusional
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 02, 2019
To save the exhibition, Ryan and Deok Mi attempt to persuade Choi Da In, a visual art director, to work with Cha Shi An so he can participate. However, while helping to convince her, Da .. show full overview
When You Become a Fan, Let Everyone Know
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 08, 2019
Ryan is shocked when he hears Deok Mi say that she wants to end their fake relationship. Although the words "end it" came out of her mouth, Deok Mi can't ignore the feelings she has for .. show full overview
A Heart That Has Already Been Chosen
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 09, 2019
Ryan finally tells Deok Mi how feels about her, and asks her to be in a relationship for real. Deok Mi and Ryan spend happy days together but Eun Gi, who has no idea about their .. show full overview
Have You Ever Been Hit by Reality?
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 15, 2019
"When did you find out that I was Shi An is My Life?" When Ryan confesses the fact that he knew she was Shi An is My Life all along, Deok Mi is appalled. On top of that, Eun Gi who is .. show full overview
The Fact That I'm Your Fan Means I'm on Your Side
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 16, 2019
Deok Mi can't leave her teary man alone and invites him to stay the night at her house. The lucky Lion gets to spend the whole night with Deok Mi, and Da In and Eun Gi get closer by .. show full overview
Always With You, Even When You're Alone
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 22, 2019
Deok Mi and Ryan start to sum up all the clues regarding artist Lee Sol's identity. And as they get closer to the truth, Deok Mi sees how frustrated, confused, and painful it is for .. show full overview
A Star That Shines My Dark Heart
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 23, 2019
Ryan finally gets to meet his biological mother. However, the 26 years of being separated don't make it easy for a passionate reunion. Moreover, the words she speaks differ from his .. show full overview
You Are My Home
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 29, 2019
It’s Deok Mi’s birthday and Ryan makes it very special for her. When the day couldn’t get any better, Deok Mi learns the truth about the boy, Yoon Jae, and also realizes that she had .. show full overview
1x16 Épisode final de la série
To New York
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Mai 30, 2019
Deok Mi looks at Ryan’s paintings and feels like she’s holding back his career that should be blossoming more in New York where he’s from. She’s in a dilemma as she loves her job but at .. show full overview

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