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Saison 1 Discuss
Episode 1
Date de diffusion
Avr 07, 2017
Se Ju is a popular writer who needs nothing but more time to write his novels that are recognized and loved by the public. Jeon Seol, the legendary girl being good at everything, is a .. show full overview
Episode 2
Date de diffusion
Avr 08, 2017
Jeon Seol subdues the intruder that tries to harm Se Ju. While grabbing the gun, she sees her past life. The police arrive and the stalker gets arrested. Apparently, the intruder is the .. show full overview
Episode 3
Date de diffusion
Avr 14, 2017
Se Ju is unable to write anything while he’s in his slump. He almost gets himself killed in an accident. At the detrimental moment, Jeon Seol comes to help. She takes Se Ju to her .. show full overview
Episode 4
Date de diffusion
Avr 15, 2017
Se Ju is confused as Jin Oh keeps following him and saying he is Se Ju’s ghost writer. Se Ju finally finds out that Seol has tried to be helpful while they get caught and reported as .. show full overview
Episode 5
Date de diffusion
Avr 21, 2017
Se Ju and Seol are highlighted by the media and public mistaken for having a relationship. Seol keeps on getting phone calls from Se Ju’s fans every day, who threaten her welfare. Still .. show full overview
Episode 6
Date de diffusion
Avr 22, 2017
Se Ju finally finds out Jin Oh is an actual ghost, and Jin Oh explains that he, Se Ju, and Seol were friends in the past. However, no one believes Se Ju sees Jin Oh, the ghost. Jin Oh .. show full overview
Episode 7
Date de diffusion
Avr 29, 2017
Se Jin rejects the idea of continuing with his writing, but gets concerned that it might ruin his career forever. Seol brings Gyun Woo to Tae Min, but Se Jin takes Gyun Woo away. Se Jin .. show full overview
Episode 8
Date de diffusion
Avr 29, 2017
Se Ju is torn between just pretending to like Seol or really having a feeling for her. The dilemma all starts because Jin Oh asks Se Ju to be around her to protect and care for her. Se .. show full overview
Episode 9
Date de diffusion
Mai 12, 2017
Jin Oh gets amazed at how much Seoul has changed and asks Se Ju to go on a tour around the city. They bring Seol along with them. When Jin Oh sees that Seoul has finally gained the .. show full overview
Episode 10
Date de diffusion
Mai 13, 2017
As Jin Oh and Se Ju continue writing the novel, Se Ju remembers the past more. Seol’s mother comes back and tells Seol not to cross paths with the ill-fated people. She also confesses .. show full overview
Episode 11
Date de diffusion
Mai 19, 2017
Seol decides to leave Se Ju because she believes that they are ill-fated. However, Se Ju doesn’t let her go easily. Seol tells Tae Min that she can’t help with his work and Tae Min gets .. show full overview
Episode 12
Date de diffusion
Mai 20, 2017
Seol and Se Ju decide that they don’t want to play game with the relationship and be honest about their feelings. Se Ju suggests Seol to write the novel with him and Jin Oh. Seol finally .. show full overview
Episode 13
Date de diffusion
Mai 26, 2017
Seol and Se Ju travel to the past and meet their past selves. After escaping the gunfight that broke out in Kyungsung, Seol and Se Ju find out that there is a secret agent hiding among .. show full overview
Episode 14
Date de diffusion
Mai 27, 2017
Seol’s first morning at Se Ju’s house turns into a fierce competition between Jin Oh and Se Ju. They try their best to win Seol’s heart. Meanwhile, Tae Min makes Sang Mi to lure Seol .. show full overview
Episode 15
Date de diffusion
Jun 02, 2017
Su Hyeon is captured and tortured by Heo Young Min. When Jin Oh finds out that Su Hyeon had been captured, he decides to go and save her. However, Hui Young does not allow him to go. .. show full overview
1x16 Épisode final de la série
Episode 16
Date de diffusion
Jun 03, 2017
When Su Hyeon learns that Hui Young was captured and killed, she goes her own ways to execute the wrongdoers. She assassinates every betrayer, including Shin Yul. In the present time, .. show full overview

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