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  • Première: Oct 2005
  • Épisodes: 8
  • Abonnés: 0
  • Fini
  • BBC One
  • Vendredi à 21
  • Comedy


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Saison 1
I'm So Tired (The Beatles)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 14, 2005
Gary and Sue begin to lose the plot as tiredness and sleep deprivation kick in. Their new neighbours Bill and Mary are introduced to, and instantly forgotten by, Gary. At work, session .. show full overview
Ever Fallen in Love With Someone (Buzzcocks)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 21, 2005
Sue attempts to become a celebrity mum and get her figure back. Gary causes chaos as he attempts to park his car. An unsympathetic motorist has his revenge, but Gary has the last laugh. .. show full overview
I'm in Love with My Car (Queen)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 28, 2005
There's a crisis in the Chandler household when Sheepie the toy goes missing, and Lance accuses Vicky of stifling their relationship. Gary and Sue realise family life has driven them to .. show full overview
Just Looking (Stereophonics)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 04, 2005
4. Just Looking (Stereophonics) Sue is insulted when a stranger gives her a long stare in the park and demands that Gary confront the man. In protecting Sue's honour, Gary comes to .. show full overview
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 11, 2005
Gary's plan to educate Jake is hampered by a feminist librarian with a new spin on traditional fairy tales.
Who Wrote the Book of Love (The Monotones)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 25, 2005
Gary and Sue resort to bringing up baby by The Big Happy Baby Book method, but they run into problems as they try to put theory into practice. And Vicky dumps Lance, but a curry brings them back together.
Walk Like a Man (The Four Seasons)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Déc 02, 2005
Ronnie begins to believe he has no chance of finding love, so can't believe his luck when he learns Lance has ended his relationship with Vicky. Sue finds a novel way of communicating .. show full overview
Lets Spend the Night Together (The Rolling Stones)
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Déc 09, 2005
Bath-time, and the Chandler family come together for a photo session which has unexpected consequences at the developers. Gary and Sue refuse to get involved with trick or treating and .. show full overview

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