Another Miss Oh

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  • : Mai 2016
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Saison 1 Discuss
Can I Cry?
Date de diffusion
Mai 02, 2016
32-year-old Oh Hae Young starts gossip when she cancels her wedding the day before. Music director Park Do Kyung finds that he has the ability to see flashes of the future.
A Relationship Due To Willful Negligence
Date de diffusion
Mai 03, 2016
Hae Young attends a high school reunion. Do Kyung remembers his part in Tae Jin’s downfall.
Love If You Want To Live
Date de diffusion
Mai 09, 2016
Do Kyung does his best to get Hae Young out of his building. Hae Young’s parents try to adjust to not having their daughter home.
Let's Buy A Humming Tune And Go Home
Date de diffusion
Mai 10, 2016
Oh Hae Young’s job situation gets worse when her “pretty” counterpart is recruited. Soo Kyung reveals why she treats Oh Hae Young badly.
Crazily Heart-Wrenching
Date de diffusion
Mai 16, 2016
Do Kyung meets his Oh Hae Young unexpectedly, causing Hae Young to devise a plan for mutual revenge. Ji Ya begins another movie project she doesn’t have the money for.
Half Love, Half Pity
Date de diffusion
Mai 17, 2016
When Do Kyung hears her taped confession and Oh Hae Young comes to his apartment, Hae Young finds she cannot control herself.
I Wish I Was The Only Woman In The World
Date de diffusion
Mai 23, 2016
Hae Young’s apology gift to Do Kyung makes everyone think they’re a couple. Do Kyung learns why Oh Hae Young left him.
I'm Crying Not Because Of Him, But Because Of You
Date de diffusion
Mai 24, 2016
Oh Hae Young wants closure with Do Kyung. Hae Young isn’t sure how to feel about Tae Jin’s return.
The Wind Blew In His Heart
Date de diffusion
Mai 30, 2016
Do Kyung and Oh Hae Young are forced to confront their pasts while Do Kyung's premonitions speed toward dangerous territory.
On My Way to You
Date de diffusion
Mai 31, 2016
Hae Young waits for Do Kyung to contact her after their kiss, but he is struggling with his doctor’s interpretation of his visions. Hoon finally gets a producer to read his script.
In Pain, In Pain...
Date de diffusion
Jun 06, 2016
Do Kyung’s involvement with Tae Jin comes out, and everyone is shocked.
Wish You Misery Once You Leave Me
Date de diffusion
Jun 07, 2016
Hae Young’s call to a radio show makes her situation go viral. So Kyung receives unexpected news.
The Heart I've Understood
Date de diffusion
Jun 13, 2016
Do Kung attempts to win back Hae Young, who’s determined to move on without him.
Silence All The Other Sounds That Are Not Of Love
Date de diffusion
Jun 14, 2016
Hae Young’s unexpected day off causes trouble. Jin Sang receives a rude awakening.
Those Past Days I Couldn't Give You More, More Love
Date de diffusion
Jun 20, 2016
Deok Hee asks Do Kyung to consider his relationship’s future. Soo Kyung tries to figure out if she and Jin Sang could be together.
Through You, I Live
Date de diffusion
Jun 21, 2016
Tae Jin continues to execute his revenge despite having misgivings. Ji Ya warns Hae Young to stay away from her son.
I Could Die Today With No Regrets
Date de diffusion
Jun 27, 2016
Jin Sang asks for another chance. Do Kyung decides to tell Hae Young about his visions.
1x18 Épisode final de la série
Please Stay Alive, I'm Grateful You're Alive, Honey
Date de diffusion
Jun 28, 2016
All of the couples take significant steps in their relationships. Do Kyung and Hae Young try to move past his visions.

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