Crapston Villas

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  • Estrenada: Oct 1995
  • Episodios: 20
  • Seguidores: 0
  • Finalizado
  • Channel 4
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  • Animation Comedy Drama


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Temporada 2
Episode 1
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Nov 07, 1997
The dysfunctional Stenson family return to the screen with a bang and Sophie is so miserable it would take a mountain of Prozac just to make her mouth twitch.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Nov 14, 1997
Sophie blames herself for everything that went wrong between her and Jonathan but a heart-to-heart with Jenny hardly helps since she's besotted with Jonathan herself. Meanwhile, Enid's .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Nov 21, 1997
Hoody is having second thoughts about her decision to walk out on Woody. Marge decides to track down Francis having missed out on her date. Jonathan is faced with the prospect of having .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Nov 28, 1997
The flat is ready for the party and so are Robbie and Florrie, eagerly awaiting Larry who, as we speak, is enduring a ride with the lorry driver from hell. Meanwhile, Sophie, having .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Dic 05, 1997
It's Monday morning and Sophie is back at school, paranoid that anyone knows about her date with Malcolm. Denis calls Marge and invites her to a local strip club - Marge doesn't need .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Dic 12, 1997
Sophie meets Jonathan who is proud to announce he has a new job (even if he doesn't let it slip he's just a runner). Marge is getting over Francis and is looking forward to her girls' .. show full overview
Episode 7
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Dic 19, 1997
Francis and Marge share a drink back at her place which inevitably leads to other things. Flossie demonstrates her acting ability with the orgasm scene form 'When Harry Met Sally' but .. show full overview
Episode 8
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Ene 05, 1998
The night may have changed but not much else has for the residents of Crapston Villas in deepest SE69. Robbie passes out at the news that Larry is a father, Hoody, having taken too many .. show full overview
Episode 9
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Ene 12, 1998
Jonathan wakes up to find Jenny preparing a cosy breakfast for them both. He makes a sharp exit and, arriving at work, takes his anger out on the writer and gets the sack in return. But .. show full overview
2x10 Final de Programa de TV
Episode 10
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Ene 19, 1998
Sophie arrives at the wedding late, covered in mud and proceeds to get horrendously drunk - Malcolm helps her home, sure he's in at last. Enid and Doris decide to spice up the old .. show full overview

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