You Rang, M'Lord?

  • Premiered: Jan 1990
  • Episodes: 25
  • Followers: 46
  • Ended
  • BBC One
  • Saturday
  • Comedy Drama


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Season 4
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 20, 1993
Miss Cissy leads the house into helping out at the local soup kitchen for the poor. Meanwhile, Teddy is still trying to escape the romantic clutches of Madge Cartwright. This time, Alf .. show full overview
Requiem for a Parrot
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 27, 1993
Lord Meldrum is intent on sending Teddy to his rubber plantation in Malaya, however the death of Lady Lavender's parrot leads to some bizarre funeral arrangements...
Come to the Ball
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 03, 1993
Lord Meldrum decides to inspect the servants' quarters and Mabel has found a purse containing five pounds. Then the staff are invited to the luxurious ball where the employers have to wait upon their servants...
The Truth Revealed
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 10, 1993
Sir Ralph sacks Selfridge, his butler, who in turn tells him of his wife's long-standing affair with George Meldrum. Sir Ralph sets out for revenge and the staff have to ensure that a mysterious ""accident"" doesn't befall their master...
Fall of the House Of Meldrum
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 17, 1993
Meldrum is convinced that Sir Ralph has put a curse on him. In addition, the rubber plantation in Malaya has been ravaged by the Bangokhan beetle. The family face financial ruin!...
4x6 Show finale
Well, There You Are Then...!
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 24, 1993
Things look bleak for the Meldrums with most of their money lost on the stock market crash and the effects of the Bangokhan beetle. Cissy and Lavender try to save the situation, but the .. show full overview

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