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Season 2 Discuss
NXT 16
Air date
Jun 08, 2010
With the conclusion of the first season of NXT unintentionally giving birth to a band of vigilantes known as The Nexus, a new crop of NXT Rookies begin their journey on the receiving end of a hard lesson from their WWE Pros.
NXT 17
Air date
Jun 15, 2010
Following their recent and painful initiation at the hands of their WWE Pros, the new crop of NXT Rookies take to the ring to show the WWE Universe that they have what it takes to .. show full overview
NXT 18
Air date
Jun 22, 2010
While time is of the essence for the NXT Rookies in the shadow of the first WWE Pros Poll, Lucky Cannon finds himself feeling the pressure of the clock when he battles Cody Rhodes in the .. show full overview
NXT 19
Air date
Jun 29, 2010
As the NXT Rookies are faced with the first major elimination of the season, Lucky Cannon looks to live up to his name in a special contest. Plus, a huge Six-Man Tag Team Match, Husky Harris takes to the ring to battle MVP, and much more action!
NXT 20
Air date
Jul 06, 2010
While the NXT Rookies try to prove that they can talk the talk, Kaval looks to prove that he can walk the walk when he goes one-on-one with United States Champion The Miz. Cody Rhodes .. show full overview
NXT 21
Air date
Jul 13, 2010
On a night where the WWE Pros and NXT Rookies meet each other in a Battle Royal main event, Wade Barrett and his Nexus return to their origins to make their presence felt in a big way. .. show full overview
NXT 22
Air date
Jul 20, 2010
More obstacles stand in the way of the NXT Rookies on their journey to becoming WWE's next breakout stars. After a confrontation on his VIP Lounge, MVP and Percy Watson take to the ring .. show full overview
NXT 23
Air date
Jul 27, 2010
With the threat of an elimination hanging over each of their heads, the NXT Rookies are given a chance to speak about any topic they choose in under a minute. LayCool leads Kaval to the .. show full overview
NXT 24
Air date
Aug 03, 2010
Before he can fulfill his desire to take on United States Champion The Miz in singles competition, Michael McGillicutty must first defeat Mark Henry's NXT Rookie, Lucky Cannon. Plus, .. show full overview
NXT 25
Air date
Aug 10, 2010
As the WWE Pros Poll promises another elimination by the end of the night, the NXT Rookies compete in contest aptly entitled 'Power of the Punch'. Two former allies collide in the main .. show full overview
NXT 26
Air date
Aug 17, 2010
With only five competitors remaining, the journey of NXT Rookies to becoming WWE's next breakout star becomes a dire situation in the shadow of the impending WWE Pros Poll. In the main .. show full overview
NXT 27
Air date
Aug 24, 2010
As the second season of NXT draws closer to an end, the remaining three NXT Rookies test their knowledge of sports entertainment history when Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, and Alex Riley .. show full overview
2x13 Season finale
NXT 28
Air date
Aug 31, 2010
While the WWE Universe readies to find out who will become WWE's next breakout star on the finale of NXT's second season, the remaining NXT Rookies compete in a Triple Threat Match main .. show full overview

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