Voltron: Legendary Defender

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  • Premiered: Jun 2016
  • Episodes: 76
  • Followers: 279
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  • Ended
  • Netflix
  • Friday at 2


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Season 5 Discuss
The Prisoner
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
After a daring mission at a key Galra outpost, the team considers a risky alliance. One Paladin leads a journey to retrieve an important prisoner.
Blood Duel
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
Faced with a painful decision, the Paladins reluctantly come to an agreement with Zarkon. Haggar comes to grips with memories from the past.
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
A power struggle erupts within the Galra. As the Paladins argue over their next move, an attack forces them to save themselves and the Olkari.
Kral Zera
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
Shiro acts against the wishes of the other Paladins. Powerful Galra from around the empire convene for the Kral Zera ceremony.
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
Keith is sent to find a fellow Blade named Krolia and locate a powerful weapon. Lance, Hunk and Pidge reprogram a robot to have fun.
5x6 Season finale
White Lion
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
The team searches for a portal to a mysterious, fabled Altean land called Oriande. Shiro starts to feel like there's something wrong with him.

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