Towa no Quon

  • Premiered: Jun 2011
  • Episodes: 6
  • Followers: 9
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
  • Tuesday
  • Action Adventure Animation Fantasy


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Season 1
The Ephemeral Petals
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 18, 2011
This story follows a boy named Quon and his friends, who are "Attractors". Attractors are human beings who have awakened and have supernatural powers. Quon is determined to save them all. But a secret organization is hunting them...
Dancing Orchid in Chaos
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 16, 2011
Flower drawings are being found near murder victims around the city, leading investigators to assume that the flowers depicted are used to drug the victims. Meanwhile, a new player .. show full overview
The Complicity of Dreams
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 13, 2011
A strange journey through the mind leads Quon to ancient Japan. A new Attractor is discovered, and while this dream state becomes more dangerous, so does the situation for their new would be ally.
The Roaring Anxiety
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 10, 2011
The secret is out, and the Attractors' sanctuary has been revealed to the enemy. With Quon badly hurt, it's up to the rest to defend their homes, their lives, and their freedom.
The Return of the Invincible
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 05, 2011
With their home in jeopardy, some feel it is time to abandon the gardens. A new character steps in, one that Quon knows very well. The end is near, the players are set, and the final battle is about to begin!
1x6 Show finale
Eternal Quon
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 26, 2011
Quon's true power is revealed, and he'll need every ounce of it for the battles to come. The final struggle is at hand, and along with his allies, Quon storms the enemy stronghold to .. show full overview

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