The Goldbergs (2013)

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  • Premiered: Sep 2013
  • Episodes: 141
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  • ABC (US)
  • Wednesday at 8


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Season 1 Discuss
Circle of Driving
Air date
Sep 24, 2013
Hoping to receive a car for his birthday, Barry is shocked by what his mother gives him; Adam asks Pop for advice.
Daddy Daughter Day
Air date
Oct 01, 2013
Erica's moodiness puts the family roller-skating tradition at risk; Beverly takes Adam school clothes shopping.
Mini Murray
Air date
Oct 08, 2013
Barry goes to work at the furniture store with Murray; Adam and Pops struggle to keep the fact that they watched an R-rated movie from Beverly.
Why're You Hitting Yourself?
Air date
Oct 15, 2013
Barry and Adam bond over the discovery of a TV channel; Beverly involves herself in her father's dating life.
The Ring
Air date
Oct 22, 2013
Adam, Erica and Barry learn about Murray's romantic past while cleaning out the garage; Adam falls for his neighbor.
Who Are You Going to Telephone?
Air date
Oct 29, 2013
Beverly is disappointed when the kids don't want to celebrate Halloween with her; Beverly tries to get Barry's crush to go out with him.
Call Me When You Get There
Air date
Nov 05, 2013
Barry neglects to follow his mother's most important rule about using the car after getting his driver's license.
The Kremps
Air date
Nov 12, 2013
Beverly invites the Kremps -- the all-American and seemingly perfect new neighbors -- over for a barbecue.
Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
Air date
Nov 19, 2013
When Murray's brother, Marvin, visits, there is a surprise in store.
Air date
Dec 03, 2013
When Erica starts working at a local department store, Beverly's bargain-hunting dreams come true; Adam and Barry go to the racetrack with Pops.
Air date
Dec 10, 2013
Barry signs up for a holiday talent show at the school, but karate isn't approved as a talent; Pops coerces Erica into performing in the show.
You're Under Foot
Air date
Jan 07, 2014
When Pops goes to the shop with Murray for a little change of pace, he criticizes how Murray does business; Erica and Barry give Adam advice when Dana Caldwell comes over to study.
The Other Smother
Air date
Jan 14, 2014
Beverly runs into her enemy, Betsy Rubenstone; Murray and Adam try to rent a video but are forced to pay a late fee.
You Opened the Door
Air date
Jan 21, 2014
Beverly insists on chaperoning when Dana and Adam go to their first school dance together; Murray decides to talk about the birds and the bees with Barry.
Muscles Mirsky
Air date
Feb 04, 2014
Erica breaks a trust agreement with Beverly when she sneaks out to a college party and ends up needing her mother to rescue her; Barry tells Adam that men and women can't be friends.
Goldbergs Never Say Die!
Air date
Mar 04, 2014
Inspired by "The Goonies," Adam recruits Barry, Emma and some friends to search for some missing family jewelry.
Lame Gretzky
Air date
Mar 11, 2014
Adam tries to impress Murray with his ice hockey skills, while Murray tries to pretend he likes Adam's movies; Beverly hounds Erica about her S.A.T.s.
For Your Own Good
Air date
Mar 18, 2014
Murray retaliates when Beverly swaps out his favorite easy chair with something new; Barry tries to rescue Adam when he is bullied on the school bus.
The President's Fitness Test
Air date
Apr 01, 2014
Beverly gets Adam out of the Presidential Physical fitness test; Erica's pen pal visits and Barry tries to impress her.
You're Not Invited
Air date
Apr 08, 2014
Adam is excited for his birthday party, but Barry thinks he should change the theme; Murray and Pops are captivated by the opening of Al Capone's safe.
The Age of Darkness
Air date
Apr 29, 2014
When Erica cannot be consoled after her boyfriend dumps her, Murray steps in to help; Barry becomes obsessed with a new arcade game.
A Wrestler Named Goldberg
Air date
May 06, 2014
When Beverly learns that Barry lied about joining the wrestling team, she takes matters into her own hands; Erica flakes on a promise to take Adam to the premiere of "Return of the Jedi.
1x23 Season finale
Livin' on a Prayer
Air date
May 13, 2014
When Murray's high school free throw record is broken, he attends a banquet as the guest of honor; Barry decides to throw a party.

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