The Flintstones

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  • Premiered: Nov 1959
  • Episodes: 167
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  • Ended
  • ABC (US)
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Season 6 Discuss
No Biz Like Show Biz
Air date
Sep 17, 1965
Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm develop remarkable musical talent, which is exploited by teen impresario Eppy Brianstone. Soon the tots have no time to their fathers, which prompt Fred and Barney .. show full overview
The House That Fred Built
Air date
Sep 24, 1965
When Wilma gets a letter from her mother saying that she is moving in with her favorite son-in-law and his wife, Fred begins refurbishing a dilapidated shack to house Mrs. Slaghoople. .. show full overview
The Return of Stony Curtis
Air date
Oct 01, 1965
Through a publicity contest, Wilma and Betty win movie star Stoney Curtis (voiced by Tony Curtis) as a "slave boy" for a day. Jealous Fred works him unmercifully, until Stoney offers .. show full overview
Disorder in the Court
Air date
Oct 08, 1965
A criminal named "The Mangler" vows revenge on Fred, the foreman of the jury (which included Barney) who put him away. When the criminal escapes from prison, the Flintstones and the .. show full overview
Circus Business
Air date
Oct 15, 1965
Hoping once again to strike it rich, Fred buys a circus. When the performers quit, Fred must put a show on himself with the help of Barney, Dino, and Hoppy, which he does successfully - .. show full overview
Air date
Oct 22, 1965
Samantha and Darrin Stephens guest star from television's "Bewitched" (voiced by series star Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York). Darrin goes boating, while Samantha joins the .. show full overview
The Great Gazoo
Air date
Oct 29, 1965
Fred and Barney discover a visitor from another planet, the two-foot high, green Gazoo, who becomes their servant. An evening out at an expensive restaurant, supposedly with Gazoo .. show full overview
Rip Van Flintstone
Air date
Nov 05, 1965
Bored by his company picnic, Fred slips away to take a nap, and awakens twenty years later to discover that Barney has become millionaire B.J. Rubble, and that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm have .. show full overview
The Gravelberry Pie King
Air date
Nov 12, 1965
When Fred is fired by Mr. Slate for fronting the other employees' list of grievances, he turns to pastry entrepreneur by selling Wilma's gravelberry pies. But soon the couple realize .. show full overview
The Stonefinger Caper
Air date
Nov 19, 1965
A hackneyed spy movie turns serious when the villainous Stonefinger and his henchmen suddenly come to life and begin to menace Fred and Barney. It takes the magical powers of Gazoo to get the situation straightened out.
The Masquerade Party
Air date
Nov 26, 1965
For his costume for the Water Buffalos' masquerade party, Fred picks a spaceman's uniform. Unfortunately, he goes out on a night when a local radio station has launched a publicity .. show full overview
Air date
Dec 03, 1965
Fred's hopping around and howling in pain after dropping a bowling ball on his foot is mistaken for a new hit dance, the Frantic. Invited on the television music show "Shinrock," Fred .. show full overview
Royal Rubble
Air date
Dec 10, 1965
Barney is mistaken for the long lost Prince of Rockabia, which seems like good fortune until he learns that the sentence for abdication from the throne is death. The appearance of the real prince releases Barney from his royal ordeal.
Seeing Doubles
Air date
Dec 17, 1965
Wanting to sneak out of a dinner date with their wives in order to bowl, Fred and Barney ask Gazoo for help. The little green alien creates clones of the boys, so that they can be in two places at once, resulting in the inevitable mix-ups.
How to Pick a Fight with Your Wife without Really Trying
Air date
Jan 07, 1966
Gazoo's bad martial advice not only fails to help Fred and Wilma, it actually leads to their separation. The couple reunite only after they each have nightmares warning them that the other is in trouble.
Fred Goes Ape
Air date
Jan 14, 1966
A mix-up at the pharmacy gives Fred pills that turn him into an ape. Barney is the only one to see this short-lived effect, which makes him wonder about his own health. But when the .. show full overview
The Long, Long, Long Weekend
Air date
Jan 21, 1966
Gazoo takes Fred on a trip to the twenty-first century, including a stop at Slate Rock and Gravel Company, where Fred learns that the interest on a $4.00 loan he took from Mr. Slate .. show full overview
Two Men on a Dinosaur
Air date
Feb 04, 1966
On advice from Gazoo, Fred and Barney start winning big at the racetrack, and attract the attention of a dangerous bookie named Big Ed. Since he got them into this latest mess, Gazoo comes to their rescue.
The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Air date
Feb 11, 1966
Two con artists posing as gold miners sell Fred and Barney phony mine. Wilma and Betty find out and trick the con artists into buying the mine back, but Fred and Barney, convinced of .. show full overview
Curtain Call at Bedrock
Air date
Feb 18, 1966
Fred refuses to play the lead in the PTA show, "Romeorock and Julietstone," opposite Wilma, so she casts Barney instead. Feigning the mumps, Barney (who is terrible in the part) drops .. show full overview
Boss for a Day
Air date
Feb 25, 1966
Gazoo's intervention allows Fred to be boss of the quarry for the day, during which time he finds out there is more to the position than executive lunches and the feeling of power. At .. show full overview
Fred's Island
Air date
Mar 04, 1966
Fred is delighted to be invited onto Mr. Slate's yacht, until he learns that he is there to paint it. Asking the Rubbles to join them, the couples start having so much fun on board that .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 11, 1966
When Fred feigns a headache to get out of violin recital, Wilma invites her old flame Wilbur, who still carries a torch for her. Jealous Fred follows them to a dance, along with Barney .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 18, 1966
Performing seal dripper takes a liking to Barney, who soon finds himself involved in a plot to steal the aquatic attraction. The leader of the gang of thieves turns out to be Dripper's trainer, who is tired of the seal getting all the attention.
My Fair Freddy
Air date
Mar 25, 1966
Fred is mistakenly granted membership to a swanky country club and asks Gazoo to turn him into a gentleman, a plan that involves taking ballet lessons, which makes him the laughingstock .. show full overview
6x26 Show finale
The Story of Rocky's Raiders
Air date
Apr 01, 1966
Fred relives the exciting adventures of his grandfather, flying ace Lt. Rocky Flintstone, and his sidekick Lt. Reggie Vanderrock, whose mission is to rescue the famous spy Mata Harrock from the clutches of Baron Von Rickenrock.
WWE Stone Age Smackdown
Air date
Mar 10, 2015
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