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Season 8 Discuss
Lady Gaga (MTV Video Music Awards)
Air date
Sep 13, 2010
Ellen kicks-off Season 8 with the biggest premiere ever -- direct from the MTV Video Music Awards! The incredible LADY GAGA, nominated for more VMAs than any other artist in history, is .. show full overview
Lauren Graham
Air date
Sep 14, 2010
It's Ellen's first day back in the studio for a brand new season, and there's no one better to help get things started than her friend and star of "Parenthood," the hilarious LAUREN .. show full overview
Jane Lynch
Air date
Sep 15, 2010
She just won an Emmy, now JANE LYNCH is visiting Ellen for the very first time to share all the excitement of the new season of "Glee." Last week, Ellen brought some cameras and .. show full overview
Ben Affleck
Air date
Sep 15, 2010
Ellen has been looking for great talent, and she discovered another incredibly talented teen musician in 16-year-old TOM ANDREWS. She flew him all the way from England to L.A. just to .. show full overview
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Air date
Sep 17, 2010
MARY-KATE & ASHLEY OLSEN have their very own fashion line, and today they'll bring the season's hottest styles to Ellen! Last week, Ellen dropped in on New York Fashion Week, and .. show full overview
Courteney Cox
Air date
Sep 20, 2010
While hiking in Utah, a man named ZAK ANDEREGG saw an abandoned puppy 350 feet down a hole -- and risked his life to save it! He and his wife MICHELLE are here with the dog, Riley, to .. show full overview
Hugh Laurie
Air date
Sep 21, 2010
He's hilarious and he's finally back to chat with Ellen -- HUGH LAURIE has the scoop on the brand new season of "House"! Ellen is always searching for the most talented kids, and she .. show full overview
Brooke Shields
Air date
Sep 22, 2010
It's been six long years since BROOKE SHIELDS was on the show, but today she's finally back and ready to have some fun! Ellen recently hit the runway at the Richie Rich fashion show .. show full overview
Ed Helms
Air date
Sep 23, 2010
The last time he was here, ED HELMS showed off his hidden talent: the ability to spin any object on his fingers! He's back -- and he just might have another talent to show off! KELLY .. show full overview
Jimmy Smits
Air date
Sep 24, 2010
Ellen loved the salsa lessons from JIMMY SMITS last year, so she's invited him back for another round on the dance floor! Ellen loves MAROON 5, and their album, "Hands All Over," is .. show full overview
LL Cool J
Air date
Sep 27, 2010
Ellen is always on the lookout for the most talented kids. Today she'll introduce you to 7-year-old rapper LIL P-NUT, who will astound the audience with his skills. Last time here, LL .. show full overview
John Stamos
Air date
Sep 28, 2010
He's on one of the hottest shows on TV! Ellen's former WB neighbor, JOHN STAMOS, will return to his old home to share some inside details about "Glee." Yesterday, the newest .. show full overview
Patrick Dempsey
Air date
Sep 29, 2010
The very sexy PATRICK DEMPSEY is back today to share all the details of the new season of "Grey's Anatomy" -- hopefully wearing the thong Ellen gave him last time! The movie "The .. show full overview
Anthony Hopkins (Ellen Hits Broadway)
Air date
Sep 30, 2010
While in New York, Ellen dropped in on a production of "Promises, Promises" with her friends Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes. She brought along some cameras, and you'll get to see .. show full overview
Jennifer Grey (Breast Cancer Awareness Show)
Air date
Oct 01, 2010
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Ellen is dedicated to finding a cure. The show is going pink today, and Ellen will share how she's helping the cause -- and how you can join .. show full overview
Ellen Pompeo
Air date
Oct 04, 2010
What could possibly be better than an incredibly talented kid? Three talented kids! Nine-year-olds Gavin Pecson & Kris Mangonon, and 8-year-old Kida Burns are amazing hip-hop dancers who .. show full overview
Jenny McCarthy
Air date
Oct 05, 2010
Last week, GREYSON CHANCE gave his biggest performance ever at Canada's We Day. Ellen will connect with him today to hear all about the exciting experience. Whenever JENNY McCARTHY .. show full overview
Felicity Huffman
Air date
Oct 06, 2010
Last week, ANDERSON COOPER focused on an issue that's very important to Ellen: bullying. Today she's talking with him live from New York about what's happening -- and how you can help .. show full overview
Howie Mandel
Air date
Oct 07, 2010
Ellen is always making sure HOWIE MANDEL feels comfortable, even it means sealing him in an inflatable ball! The hilarious guy is about to hit the road on tour, and is making Ellen his .. show full overview
Michael C. Hall
Air date
Oct 08, 2010
One of Ellen's all-time favorite shows is "Dexter" -- and today Dexter himself, MICHAEL C. HALL, is finally here for the very first time and Ellen's getting the scoop on the exciting new .. show full overview
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff
Air date
Oct 11, 2010
MIKE "THE SITUATION" SORRENTINO has a new ritual: gym, tan, laundry... and dance! He's partnered with KARINA SMIRNOFF on "Dancing with the Stars" and will show Ellen what he's .. show full overview
Bruce Willis
Air date
Oct 12, 2010
It's been six long years since BRUCE WILLIS has been here, but today he's back! He's still as big an action star as ever and is taking a minute to chat with Ellen about everything that .. show full overview
Minnie Driver
Air date
Oct 13, 2010
She can act, she can sing, and she's helping to fight breast cancer. The always delightful MINNIE DRIVER is back today. Her son, Henry, is 2 years old, and Minnie is sure to have some .. show full overview
Simon Baker
Air date
Oct 14, 2010
The very sexy SIMON BAKER will feel right at home when he visits Ellen today -- he filmed some of his hit show, "The Mentalist," on Ellen's set! He's sure to bring a lovely thank-you .. show full overview
Eva Longoria Parker
Air date
Oct 15, 2010
The gorgeous EVA LONGORIA PARKER is visiting Ellen today. Last time, she won a basketball challenge. Can she best Felicity Huffman's score in Funglish? Every time KEVIN NEALON stops .. show full overview
Russell Brand
Air date
Oct 18, 2010
RUSSELL BRAND is stopping by for the first time -- and he couldn't be busier. He'll soon be married to Katy Perry, in a wedding that will last six days! He just wrote a new book, "My .. show full overview
Chris O'Donnell
Air date
Oct 19, 2010
Last time here, CHRIS O'DONNELL showed off one of his hidden talents -- karaoke! When he's back today, Ellen's finding out what else he can do! ASHLEY TISDALE has grown up from "High .. show full overview
Jeff Foxworthy
Air date
Oct 20, 2010
When he visited Ellen before, the hilarious JEFF FOXWORTHY was full of stories about his children. It seems he learned a lot from them -- he just released a brand new children's book and .. show full overview
Clint Eastwood
Air date
Oct 21, 2010
CLINT EASTWOOD doesn't often appear on talk shows, but he wouldn't miss a visit with Ellen! Her WB neighbor is stopping by to tell her about his new movie, "Hereafter" -- and to remind .. show full overview
Wanda Sykes
Air date
Oct 22, 2010
If you're still deciding what to wear for Halloween, Ellen's got you covered. She's got great kid costume ideas you'll love! Whenever WANDA SYKES has an opinion, one thing is certain: .. show full overview
Hilary Duff
Air date
Oct 25, 2010
If you're still deciding what to wear for Halloween, Ellen's got you covered with great kid costume ideas you'll love! HILARY DUFF proved she's both a talented actress and an amazing .. show full overview
Greyson Chance
Air date
Oct 26, 2010
All summer long, GREYSON CHANCE has been hard at work on his debut album. It's almost ready, and today he's stopping by for the world premiere of his brand new single, "Waiting Outside .. show full overview
David Beckham
Air date
Oct 27, 2010
The sexiest man in the world is back in L.A.! DAVID BECKHAM recovered from a frightening injury and is once again playing with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, but he wouldn't think of .. show full overview
First Lady Michelle Obama
Air date
Oct 28, 2010
It's a big day! FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA and SECOND LADY DR. JILL BIDEN will be here! The presidential wives are encouraging everyone to support military families and will share why .. show full overview
Vanessa Williams (Halloween Show)
Air date
Oct 29, 2010
Look out behind you! It's Ellen's spooky Halloween Show! You don't want to miss what she'll be this year -- she's going as something that everyone is talking about! Ellen is starting .. show full overview
Taylor Swift
Air date
Nov 01, 2010
TAYLOR SWIFT is the best-selling digital artist of all time, and a four-time Grammy winner -- and she's always been Ellen's pal! The country music superstar is stopping by to celebrate .. show full overview
Mariah Carey
Air date
Nov 02, 2010
There's big news for MARIAH CAREY -- she's pregnant! She and her husband, Nick Cannon, recently confirmed the rumors, and today Ellen is finding out all the details directly from her. .. show full overview
Sofia Vergara
Air date
Nov 03, 2010
Ellen has the Latin music and Colombian coffee ready! That's because the hilarious and sexy SOFIA VERGARA is stopping by! Since the last time here, she's been nominated for an Emmy, and .. show full overview
Portia De Rossi
Air date
Nov 04, 2010
Ellen has a very special guest today; her wife, PORTIA DE ROSSI! Portia just wrote a new book, "Unbearable Lightness" in which she shares her past struggles with anorexia. Today she's .. show full overview
James Franco
Air date
Nov 05, 2010
Ellen can't get enough of DARIUS & DEMETRICE GILLESPIE -- so they're coming back today! The 11-year-old twins are so cute, and incredible singers, and they're preparing a special .. show full overview
Jim Parsons (Day 1 of Game Week)
Air date
Nov 08, 2010
The last time the hilarious JIM PARSONS was here, he was still starstruck from the People's Choice Awards. Now that he's an Emmy winner, he's sure to be even more excited! Jim is .. show full overview
Madonna (Day 2 of Game Week)
Air date
Nov 09, 2010
It's Day 2 of Ellen's Game Week! The competition is getting tougher, the prizes are getting bigger and the games are more hilarious than ever! You still have an opportunity to win from .. show full overview
Queen Latifah (Day 3 of Game Week)
Air date
Nov 10, 2010
It's Day 3 of Game Week, and today Ellen is putting the contestants to the test -- on her Know or Go machine! If they Know, they'll win a huge prize. If they don't -- well, you know what .. show full overview
Ricky Martin (Day 4 of Game Week)
Air date
Nov 11, 2010
Lap of Luxury Game Week is coming down to the wire -- tomorrow someone is driving home in a brand new Buick Regal! Today's contestants will do everything they can to make it to the end .. show full overview
Chris Pine (Day 5 of Game Week - Finale)
Air date
Nov 12, 2010
It's been a week full of tough competition -- and it's all come down to this! The Grand Finale of Ellen's "Lap of Luxury Game Week" is today -- with the lucky winner driving home in a .. show full overview
Halle Berry
Air date
Nov 15, 2010
All month long, Ellen has been giving away more cars than ever -- and she's not done yet! Today she's surprising a home viewer with a brand new Buick Regal! Then, she's won an Academy .. show full overview
Diane Keaton
Air date
Nov 16, 2010
Oscar-winner DIANE KEATON tried it all in her new movie, "Morning Glory" -- including dancing with 50 Cent, going up against a sumo wrestler, and even kissing a frog! Today, Ellen will .. show full overview
Russell Crowe
Air date
Nov 17, 2010
When the sexy RUSSELL CROWE dropped by earlier this year, he taught an audience member how to shoot an arrow! Who knows what skills he'll bring when he visits Ellen today?! P!NK has .. show full overview
Eric Dane
Air date
Nov 18, 2010
It's about to get hot in here -- McSteamy himself, ERIC DANE, is stopping by! No touching though -- he's a brand new daddy! This year, the hilarious CHRIS COLFER was nominated for an .. show full overview
Christina Aguilera
Air date
Nov 19, 2010
It's official -- CHRISTINA AGUILERA is a triple threat! The extraordinarily talented singer and dancer is adding acting to the list by starring in the new movie, "Burlesque." She's .. show full overview
Justin Timberlake
Air date
Nov 22, 2010
He's a superstar singer, dancer and actor -- and he's one of Ellen's good friends. The one and only JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is stopping by! The sexy guy is in the brand new movie "Yogi Bear" .. show full overview
Eric Stonestreet
Air date
Nov 23, 2010
The last time he was here, the hilarious ERIC STONESTREET was thrilled just to be starring on a "Modern Family" -- now he's an Emmy winner! He's visiting Ellen to tell her all about the .. show full overview
Dwayne Johnson
Air date
Nov 24, 2010
This episode has no summary.
LL Cool J
Air date
Nov 25, 2010
This episode has no summary.
Heidi Klum/Ne-Yo
Air date
Nov 26, 2010
This episode has no summary.
Alyson Hannigan
Air date
Nov 29, 2010
The hilarious ALYSON HANNIGAN has her hands full! Not only is she on one of the funniest shows ("How I Met Your Mother"), she's taking care of her adorable baby girl -- and was just .. show full overview
Eva Mendes
Air date
Nov 30, 2010
The gorgeous EVA MENDES has spent the last decade on the silver screen -- now she's headed to your home with her décor line, Vida. She's stopping by to share how you can be stylish where .. show full overview
Ben Affleck
Air date
Dec 01, 2010
It's almost here! Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways begins tomorrow -- and you won't believe the huge gifts she's giving away this year! Plus, you'll have a chance to win at home! BEN .. show full overview
Taylor Swift (Day 1 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 02, 2010
It's finally time! Today is DAY 1 of Ellen's 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! This year, she's giving away some of the biggest gifts ever, and you can win from home! The release of her latest .. show full overview
Hilary Swank (Day 2 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 03, 2010
It's DAY 2 of Ellen's 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS and the gifts are getting bigger! Ellen's audience won't be able to contain themselves -- and you won't either if you win from .. show full overview
Nicole Richie (Day 3 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 06, 2010
It's Day 3 of 12 Days of Giveaways, and the gifts keep coming! Don't miss out on all the great things Ellen's giving away -- be sure to enter to win from home! NICOLE RICHIE went from .. show full overview
Ty Burrell (Day 4 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 07, 2010
12 Days of Giveaways keeps on rolling with Day 4 -- and the excitement keeps growing! You still have a chance to win today's huge giveaways from home, so be sure to enter! When TY .. show full overview
Katy PerryHelen Mirren (Day 5 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 08, 2010
The Grammy nominations are out -- and KATY PERRY is up for Album of the Year! She's here to celebrate the honor and to sing her new hit song, "Firework." It's Day 5 of Ellen's 12 Days .. show full overview
Keith Urban (Day 6 of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 09, 2010
It's Day 6 of 12 Days of Giveaways and Ellen isn't slowing down -- so far, she's given away huge prizes -- like the Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor, Nikon Coolpix S80 camera, Logitech Revue and .. show full overview
Jane Fonda (Day 7 of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 10, 2010
You didn't think it could get any better -- but today it will! Day 7 of 12 Days of Giveaways is full of huge gifts that you can win too! For over 40 years, JANE FONDA has been a huge .. show full overview
Jamie Foxx (Day 8 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 13, 2010
It's Day 8 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways, and the gifts keep coming! She's got the best ones this holiday season -- and you can win them! Be sure to follow Ellen on Twitter and .. show full overview
Steve Carell (Day 9 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 14, 2010
Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways continues with Day 9 -- and a lot of amazing gifts for today's audience. They're not the only ones getting gifts; all month long Ellen and her audience have .. show full overview
Mark Wahlberg (Day 10 of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 15, 2010
The last time MARK WAHLBERG was here, his wife had just given birth to their fourth child! He said he wasn't ruling out a fifth -- and Ellen will find out if he's still ready for more -- .. show full overview
Tim McGraw (Day 11 of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 16, 2010
TIM McGRAW is a three-time Grammy-winning country music superstar, but that's not all! He's a loving husband and devoted father, and always up for some fun when he visits Ellen. Today .. show full overview
Reese Witherspoon (Day 12 of Giveaways)
Air date
Dec 17, 2010
It's the final day of Ellen's 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS -- and Ellen is ending it with a bang! This has been the biggest 12 Days ever, and you still have a chance to win! Plus, all month .. show full overview
Ray Romano
Air date
Jan 03, 2011
It's the start of a brand new year, and Ellen wants to make it memorable, so today she's surprising the audience with a bonus day of gifts from 12 Days of Giveaways -- and you still have .. show full overview
Jimmy Kimmel
Air date
Jan 04, 2011
Even though Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways ended in December, she's not done with the surprises! She has a huge one in store today that will blow someone away! Ellen is always searching .. show full overview
Macy Gray
Air date
Jan 05, 2011
Not only is MACY GRAY an incredible musician, she was also Ellen's very first musical guest -- 8 years ago! Her unique sound and extraordinary talent is unmatched, and today she's here .. show full overview
Tom Selleck
Air date
Jan 06, 2011
There are few roles as memorable as TOM SELLECK as "Magnum P.I." -- but he's adding another one to the list! Now he's in the show "Blue Blood," and will tell Ellen all about it. The .. show full overview
Ryan Gosling
Air date
Jan 07, 2011
There was a little controversy over RYAN GOSLING's new movie, "Blue Valentine" -- it was a little TOO steamy! That's not a problem for most, and the sexy guy is here to steam up the .. show full overview
Dennis Quaid
Air date
Jan 10, 2011
DENNIS QUAID is here! That's right, Ellen's favorite guest is stopping by, and he's always up for some fun. After all the hilarious hidden camera pranks they've played, you never know .. show full overview
Paula Abdul
Air date
Jan 11, 2011
Ellen loves to feature incredibly talented kids, so she can't wait to meet 12-year-old basketball prodigy JORDAN McCABE. His tricks are so impressive -- just trying to follow them will .. show full overview
Jenny McCarthy
Air date
Jan 12, 2011
JENNY McCARTHY is well known for being outrageous and for always having a fun time -- she's also an incredibly loving mother. She just created a brand new non-toxic product line for kids .. show full overview
Ricky Gervais
Air date
Jan 13, 2011
Today not just one, but two legendary musicians are stopping by! ROD STEWART and STEVIE NICKS are here, and they'll both sing one of their classic hits. Plus, they've got an exciting .. show full overview
Vince Vaughn
Air date
Jan 14, 2011
It's been an exciting few months for NEIL PATRICK HARRIS -- not only did he just win a People's Choice Award, he's now the father of beautiful twin boys! The proud papa is visiting Ellen .. show full overview
Seth Rogen
Air date
Jan 17, 2011
For the first time, the hilarious SETH ROGEN is here! He just got engaged to his girlfriend this fall -- and Ellen is going to find out all about their marriage plans! She'll also find .. show full overview
Jennifer Lopez
Air date
Jan 18, 2011
She can sing, act and dance -- now JENNIFER LOPEZ is gaining yet another skill: judging! The brand new season of "American Idol" premieres tomorrow, and Jennifer is stopping by to tell .. show full overview
Natalie Portman
Air date
Jan 19, 2011
It's been an exciting few months for NATALIE PORTMAN! Not only is she the subject of Oscar buzz for her incredible performance in "Black Swan," she's also starring in the new comedy, "No .. show full overview
Amy Poehler
Air date
Jan 20, 2011
It's always a fun time when the hilarious and charming AMY POEHLER stops by! She's already got her hands full with her young son, Archie, her husband, Will Arnett, and now her show .. show full overview
Jeff Bridges
Air date
Jan 21, 2011
Just weeks after JEFF BRIDGES visited Ellen last year, he won an Academy Award. Who knows what'll be in store for him after he stops by today?! He's here to tell Ellen about his latest .. show full overview
Minnie Driver
Air date
Jan 24, 2011
You never know what MINNIE DRIVER will bring when she visits Ellen -- one time she brought a goat! The Academy Award-nominated actress is back again today to talk about her brand new .. show full overview
Drew Brees
Air date
Jan 25, 2011
Now that Ellen is a big football fan, there's no one better to get her ready for the Super Bowl than her friend, New Orleans Saints quarterback and last year's Super Bowl Most Valuable .. show full overview
Ellen's Surprise Birthday Party!
Air date
Jan 26, 2011
Break out the party hats and piñatas -- it's Ellen's birthday today! We're celebrating by turning today's show into one giant surprise party! Some of the biggest celebrities are stopping .. show full overview
Anthony Hopkins
Air date
Jan 27, 2011
It's an award-winning day at Ellen -- the incredibly talented ANTHONY HOPKINS is here. The legendary actor has an Academy Award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe! He's now in the new movie .. show full overview
Shemar Moore
Air date
Jan 28, 2011
There's no better way to end the week than with a visit from SHEMAR MOORE! The sexy guy is stopping by during Ellen's birthday week to wish her the best -- and she wishes he'll take his .. show full overview
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Air date
Jan 31, 2011
The hilarious JESSE TYLER FERGUSON is returning to Ellen today. His hit show, "Modern Family," is more popular than ever! Last time here, Jesse told Ellen how his mother didn't .. show full overview
Julianna Margulies
Air date
Feb 01, 2011
The SAG Awards were this weekend, and JULIANNA MARGULIES won once again for her incredible role in "The Good Wife." She holds the record for the most wins -- now she's got eight! And .. show full overview
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Air date
Feb 02, 2011
In the past few months, Ellen has been following all the drama on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Today, she's getting down to the details when TAYLOR ARMSTRONG, CAMILLE GRAMMER, .. show full overview
Jennifer Aniston
Air date
Feb 03, 2011
She's one of the biggest stars in the whole world, and she was Ellen's first guest ever! It's always an event when the one and only JENNIFER ANISTON stops by! For Ellen, there's .. show full overview
Super Bowl Show
Air date
Feb 04, 2011
It's Ellen's annual Super Bowl Show! This week she sent two of football's biggest fans on a road trip to Dallas, and she's checking in live today -- one of them might win tickets to the .. show full overview
1,300th Show!
Air date
Feb 07, 2011
It's Ellen's 1,300th show -- and it's going to be a big one! She's marking the milestone with a show full of her favorite moments from the past eight years; from the biggest celebrities .. show full overview
Matthew Perry
Air date
Feb 08, 2011
Last week, Ellen sent two football superfans on a road trip to the Super Bowl -- and they got more than they expected! After braving one of the worst blizzards in history and taking a .. show full overview
Justin Bieber
Air date
Feb 09, 2011
Ellen's got the fever -- Bieber Fever! One of the biggest stars of our time, the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER is here today! Not only is he up for two Grammy Awards on Sunday, his brand .. show full overview
Clay Matthews
Air date
Feb 10, 2011
Ellen picked the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl -- and they did! Now the team's linebacker, the incredible CLAY MATTHEWS, is stopping by to tell Ellen all about winning the big .. show full overview
Ricky Martin
Air date
Feb 11, 2011
The Grammys are this weekend an Ellen knows how to get the party started -- by welcoming one of the most popular musicians in the world, the Grammy-winning RICKY MARTIN! He'll treat .. show full overview
Lady Antebellum
Air date
Feb 14, 2011
Today's a day all about love -- and it's harder to find a band that Ellen loves more than LADY ANTEBELLUM! They made their television debut with Ellen and have had huge success ever .. show full overview
Randy Jackson
Air date
Feb 15, 2011
The "dawg" is coming to Ellen! RANDY JACKSON misses Ellen so much, he couldn't miss a chance to visit! He'll stop by and share all the behind-the-scenes details on this season of .. show full overview
Liam Neeson
Air date
Feb 16, 2011
After six years, the wonderful LIAM NEESON is making his grand return to the show! The incredible actor has racked up quite a list of honors. Not only has he earned an Academy Award .. show full overview
Howie Mandel
Air date
Feb 17, 2011
Ellen can't stop laughing whenever HOWIE MANDEL stops by! The outrageous guy knows how to have fun -- even if it means walking around the stage in a giant, hermetically sealed inflatable .. show full overview
Cory Monteith
Air date
Feb 18, 2011
CORY MONTEITH went from working as a store greeter to being one of the most popular guys in Hollywood! His show, "Glee," is bigger than ever -- and the cast is already planning to hit .. show full overview
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Air date
Feb 21, 2011
Game Week is back, and you have more chances to win from home! It's Day 1 of Didja Ever Game Week, and the prizes are the biggest yet! Every time someone wins on the show, a home viewer .. show full overview
Aaron Rodgers
Air date
Feb 22, 2011
Ellen picked the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl this year -- and thanks to MVP AARON RODGERS, they did! During a press conference, he even mentioned he had a crush on .. show full overview
Kellie Pickler
Air date
Feb 23, 2011
Whether KELLIE PICKLER is kissing Clint Eastwood, getting scared by Ellen, or just telling a hilarious story, she and Ellen always have a blast when she's here. Last time, she couldn't .. show full overview
Pam Anderson
Air date
Feb 24, 2011
This past Sunday, sexy TREVOR BAYNE broke records by becoming the youngest winner of the Daytona 500 -- at just 20 years old! It was his first time in the race -- and now he's about to .. show full overview
Game Week Finale
Air date
Feb 25, 2011
It's the big moment everyone has been waiting for all week long: the finale of Didja Ever Game Week! The winners from each day are going head-to-head for the ultimate prize -- an .. show full overview
Hugh Laurie
Air date
Feb 28, 2011
Not only is the hilarious HUGH LAURIE a great actor -- he's also a singer! He's about to release a brand new blues album that he recorded in Ellen's hometown of New Orleans! When Hugh .. show full overview
Heidi Klum
Air date
Mar 01, 2011
If there's one person who likes to have fun, it's HEIDI KLUM! Whether she's throwing food around the set, staging photoshoots with Ellen, or even taking off her dress in the middle of an .. show full overview
Matt Damon
Air date
Mar 02, 2011
After eight seasons, the biggest superstar is finally stopping by for the very first time -- the sexy MATT DAMON! Not only has the Oscar-winning actor been in some of the best films .. show full overview
Wanda Sykes
Air date
Mar 03, 2011
Ellen's close friend and funny-girl Wanda Sykes who's on her new stand-up tour. Topher Grace was last on the show 6 years ago and now he's promoting a new movie "Take Me Home Tonight" .. show full overview
Jerry O'Connell
Air date
Mar 04, 2011
Jerry O'Connell talks about The Defenders and life with his wife, Rebecca Romijn and two girls.
Paris Hilton
Air date
Mar 07, 2011
Paris Hilton returns after a year with a new show planned and a new boyfriend. She also just recently turned the big 30. NEW GAME: Cut The Cord.
Ellen Pompeo
Air date
Mar 08, 2011
Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy celebrates Mardi Gras with Ellen. Mike Tyson talks about his newest show Taking on Tyson.
Valerie Bertinelli
Air date
Mar 09, 2011
Valerie Bertinelli continues her hot streak with Hot in Cleveland opposite legend Betty White. Miranda Cosgrove talks about her recent happenings, including singing and touring. Guess who's opening for her on the tour: Greyson Chance.
Tyra Banks
Air date
Mar 10, 2011
Tyra Banks is planning to expand her online enterprise. Jerrod Niemann performs off his new album "Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury" (performs song "Lover, Lover").
Ryan Phillippe
Air date
Mar 11, 2011
When the sexy RYAN PHILLIPPE visited Ellen last year, he promised he'd teach her a little Tae Kwon Do! He's back today, and she's ready to go! Ellen also wants an update on his kids, .. show full overview
Jimmy Fallon
Air date
Mar 21, 2011
If Ellen wants to see the hilarious JIMMY FALLON, she normally has to stay up late -- but not when he visits today! Jimmy just marked two years as host of "Late Night," and he's dropping .. show full overview
Clive Owen
Air date
Mar 22, 2011
The sexy CLIVE OWEN has a love story most only dream of -- he met his wife when they were playing the title roles in "Romeo and Juliet!" The Academy Award-winning actor is back to visit .. show full overview
Vanessa Hudgens
Air date
Mar 23, 2011
VANESSA HUDGENS is the Queen of Disney! After making it big in the "High School Musical" movies, she's starring in the new film, "Beastly." She shared an on-screen romance with the very .. show full overview
David Schwimmer
Air date
Mar 24, 2011
It's been seven long years since the hilarious DAVID SCHWIMMER has been here, but today he's finally back! Everyone knows him from his popular role as Ross on "Friends," but he's just as .. show full overview
Matthew McConaughey
Air date
Mar 25, 2011
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is one of Ellen's most important guests -- he helped her celebrate her 1,000th show! Matthew now has an adorable baby daughter and Ellen can't wait to hear all about .. show full overview
Keith Urban
Air date
Mar 28, 2011
One of Ellen's favorite country music superstars is swinging by to chat with Ellen -- KEITH URBAN! He and his wife, Nicole Kidman, just had an adorable baby girl and Ellen can't wait to .. show full overview
Greg Kinnear
Air date
Mar 29, 2011
GREG KINNEAR is never afraid to tackle a new project -- his latest is causing quite a controversy! He's starring in the miniseries "The Kennedys," which one network refused to air! He'll .. show full overview
Jennifer Hudson and Savannah Robinson
Air date
Mar 30, 2011
Last month, Ellen introduced an incredibly talented 12-year-old singer, SAVANNAH ROBINSON, whose version of Jennifer Hudson's "And I Am Telling You" blew everyone away! It also blew away .. show full overview
Helen Hunt
Air date
Mar 31, 2011
There are few actresses more talented than HELEN HUNT! She is only the second actress to win a Golden Globe, an Emmy and an Academy Award -- and she's back to chat with Ellen .. show full overview
Katie Holmes
Air date
Apr 01, 2011
One half of one of the most famous Hollywood couples is stopping by -- KATIE HOLMES! She's now playing one of the most famous wives, Jackie Kennedy, in the controversial new mini-series, .. show full overview
Orlando - LL Cool J
Air date
Apr 05, 2011
Ellen is back at Universal Orlando Resort -- and she's bringing you along for all the fun! Whether she's riding the exciting roller coasters or checking out everything the CityWalk has .. show full overview
Orlando - Eric Stonestreet
Air date
Apr 06, 2011
It's another day of fun at Universal Orlando Resort, and Ellen has the best guests to keep the party going! Kicking off the fun is none other than the hilarious ERIC STONESTREET. The .. show full overview
Carrie Underwood
Air date
Apr 07, 2011
You know CARRIE UNDERWOOD as the winner of "American Idol" and as a country music superstar -- now you'll soon know her as an actress! She's acting for the very first time in the new .. show full overview
Kim Cattrall
Air date
Apr 08, 2011
The hilarious KIM CATTRALL made a name for herself as Samantha, the no-holds-barred and sometimes controversial character on "Sex and the City." She's not shying away from the scandalous .. show full overview
Dwayne Johnson
Air date
Apr 11, 2011
Every time DWAYNE JOHNSON stops by, Ellen finds another one of his fears -- whether it's tarantulas, roller coasters, or aliens sneaking up behind him! She'll see if there's anything .. show full overview
Khloe Kardashian Odom & Lamar Odom
Air date
Apr 12, 2011
People can't stop talking about KHLOE KARDASHIAN ODOM and her husband LAMAR! They are so popular, they're getting a brand new show, aptly titled, "Khloe & Lamar." They're stopping by for .. show full overview
Anne Hathaway
Air date
Apr 13, 2011
One of the sweetest stars in Hollywood, ANNE HATHAWAY, is here to visit Ellen! She's beautiful and talented, and it's always fun when she drops by. Anne is starring in the animated film .. show full overview
Kate Walsh
Air date
Apr 14, 2011
Last week, America was shocked when PIA TOSCANO was voted off "American Idol" -- including Ellen! Pia is an incredibly talented singer and Ellen wanted to get her on the show. Today Pia .. show full overview
Jamie Foxx
Air date
Apr 15, 2011
There's not much JAMIE FOXX can't do! He's got an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe -- and he's not stopping yet. After just releasing another hit album, he's now lending his voice to .. show full overview
Tyler Perry
Air date
Apr 18, 2011
TYLER PERRY is one of the most successful people in Hollywood -- and he does it all! Tyler writes, directs, produces and acts, but there's still one thing he hasn't done: visit Ellen! .. show full overview
Tina Fey
Air date
Apr 19, 2011
She's beautiful, she's brilliant, she's hilarious -- and now TINA FEY is a top author! Tina is looking back on her life and sharing it all in her brand new book, "Bossypants," and will .. show full overview
Robert Pattinson
Air date
Apr 20, 2011
One of the hottest stars around is here today -- ROBERT PATTINSON! When the sexy guy stopped by last year, he had just cut off his curly locks for his new movie, "Water for Elephants." .. show full overview
Reese Witherspoon
Air date
Apr 21, 2011
REESE WITHERSPOON is one of the sweetest, most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood -- and today she's visiting Ellen. She is always a gracious guest and brings along a treat. .. show full overview
Gwenyth Paltrow
Air date
Apr 22, 2011
There isn't anything GWYNETH PALTROW can't do! The Oscar-winning actress recently impressed everyone with her country singing skills, then wowed everybody with her phenomenal role on .. show full overview
Mario Lopez
Air date
Apr 25, 2011
MARIO LOPEZ takes care of himself, and he has the sexy body to prove it! But now he's not just taking care of himself -- he's got an adorable baby daughter and wants to make sure she .. show full overview
Christina Aguilera
Air date
Apr 26, 2011
For over a decade, CHRISTINA AGUILERA has been one of the top pop music superstars -- and now she's ready to help the next big star make it to the top! Christina is a coach on the brand .. show full overview
Kristen Chenoweth
Air date
Apr 27, 2011
This summer, Ellen made her Broadway debut in "Promises, Promises" with the hilarious KRISTIN CHENOWETH. Now Kristin is back on TV in her hysterical role on "Glee," but she's making a .. show full overview
Lady GaGa
Air date
Apr 28, 2011
LADY GAGA is the hottest and most talented pop star around -- and she's appearing exclusively with Ellen! She just released yet another #1 mega-hit, "Judas," and will give an incredible .. show full overview
Orlando Bloom
Air date
Apr 29, 2011
It's been four long years since ORLANDO BLOOM was here, but the wait is finally over! The sexy actor has been in some of the biggest movies ever, including "The Lord of the Rings" and .. show full overview
Steve Carell
Air date
May 02, 2011
After seven hilarious years on "The Office," STEVE CARELL finally said goodbye -- and now he's coming to visit Ellen! He's one of the funniest and kindest guys around, and is still the .. show full overview
Steve Martin
Air date
May 03, 2011
STEVE MARTIN is one of the top comedians of all time, and has starred in some of the funniest movies -- he's also an incredibly talented musician! He's bringing his band, Steve Martin .. show full overview
John Krasinski
Air date
May 04, 2011
Last week on "The Office," JOHN KRASINSKI said goodbye to his friend and co-star, Steve Carell. Today John will tell Ellen all about life after Steve -- and Ellen will try to find out .. show full overview
Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Air date
May 05, 2011
This season of "Dancing with the Stars" has been full of ups and down for KIRSTIE ALLEY! She's gone from impressing the judges with her outstanding moves, to literally falling down! .. show full overview
Mother's Day Show
Air date
May 06, 2011
It's Ellen's annual Mother's Day Show, and she once again invited soon-to-be mothers to fill the audience! Ellen has huge surprises in store for all of them, including some of the best .. show full overview
David Spade
Air date
May 09, 2011
He's back, and he'll have everyone laughing! The hilarious DAVID SPADE is visiting Ellen -- and it's his 13th time here. He's anything but unlucky -- his show "Rules of Engagement" is .. show full overview
Jennifer Lopez
Air date
May 10, 2011
JENNIFER LOPEZ can do it all! Not only is she an amazing dancer, singer, and actor -- she's also a remarkable judge on "American Idol." If that's not enough, she just released a brand .. show full overview
Taylor Swift
Air date
May 11, 2011
TAYLOR SWIFT is back! The country music superstar is always so sweet and so much fun when she swings by to visit Ellen -- and today she'll give the world premiere performance of her song .. show full overview
Shania Twain
Air date
May 12, 2011
SHANIA TWAIN is a giant force in country music, and the only female musician to have three different albums certified diamond! She's had some of the most incredible (and heartbreaking) .. show full overview
Colin Farrell
Air date
May 13, 2011
Ellen has the breath mints ready -- COLIN FARRELL is coming back! The sexy guy never forgets to bring a kiss for Ellen. He's a good friend and even helped celebrate her birthday this .. show full overview
Shia LeBeouf
Air date
May 16, 2011
Throughout the years, Ellen has surprised many of her viewers with unbelievable gifts, but today she's got the biggest gift yet! One lucky family is getting a huge surprise that's unlike .. show full overview
Bradley Cooper
Air date
May 17, 2011
Everyone is talking about sexy BRADLEY COOPER! He's become one of the most popular movie stars -- and he's about to appear in the highly-anticipated "The Hangover, Part II." Last time .. show full overview
Patrick Dempsey
Air date
May 18, 2011
Everyone fell in love with PATRICK DEMPSEY's sweet character on "Grey's Anatomy," but now we finally get to see the bad boy side of him in the upcoming "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." .. show full overview
Josh Duhamel
Air date
May 19, 2011
It's always a fun time whenever JOSH DUHAMEL is here! Whether he's tearing off his clothes or being scared by a giant panda, he's always up for a good time. He's dropping by to tell .. show full overview
Jessica Alba
Air date
May 20, 2011
Two years ago, a pregnant JESSICA ALBA joined Ellen for the Mother's Day Show -- and Ellen correctly predicted a girl! Now Jessica is expecting her second child, so she's back to find .. show full overview
Ed Helms
Air date
May 23, 2011
Fresh from the opening of his much-anticipated sequel, ED HELMS will be here to tell Ellen all about his crazy adventure while filming "The Hangover 2." Ellen found him on YouTube, .. show full overview
Tom Hanks
Air date
May 24, 2011
It's the Summer Preview Show! And Ellen is getting ready for summer with some amazing guests! The fantastic TOM HANKS will be here to tell us about his big summer film, "Larry .. show full overview
John Rich
Air date
May 26, 2011
Ellen is looking back at the most hilarious and memorable moments of the season so far! All this season, Ellen has been giving away Chevys, and today she's remembering all of the .. show full overview
Dolly Parton
Air date
May 27, 2011
The charming and vivacious DOLLY PARTON will be here to tell Ellen about her new album, "Better Day" and to perform the world premiere of the first single, "Together You and I." .. show full overview
Meredith Vieira
Air date
May 30, 2011
It's Ellen's Memorial Day show! Ellen is pulling out all the stops with an incredible performance from "So You Think You Can Dance"! MEREDITH VIEIRA is here in her final days as host .. show full overview
Rob Lowe
Air date
May 31, 2011
ROB LOWE, one of Ellen's favorite people, stopped by to tell Ellen about life on "Parks and Recreation," and about his new book, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An .. show full overview
8x171 Season finale
Howie Mandel
Air date
Jun 01, 2011
He's the new Judge on "America's Got Talent" -- the hilarious HOWIE MANDEL is here to tell Ellen about how the big auditions are going. MELISSA McCARTHY is leaving them rolling in the .. show full overview

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