Terrace House: Opening New Doors

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  • Premiered: Dec 2017
  • Episodes: 49
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  • Ended
  • Netflix
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Season 1 Discuss
Opening New Doors
Air date
Dec 19, 2017
Six strangers gather in a house in Karuizawa. Aged 19 to 31, they've got one thing in common: they'll be living together in a beautiful town.
A New Experience for Her
Air date
Dec 26, 2017
Yuudai makes breakfast for everyone to impress, but the result is rather terrible. Yuudai then tries to teach Ami cooking. Shion makes a move on Captain Tsubasa.
Captain Tsubasa
Air date
Jan 02, 2018
Shion is aspiring to be the next Tappu. Taka shows videos of him snowboarding naked. Tsubasa brings everyone to her father’s Soba restaurant.
The Reason She Cried
Air date
Jan 09, 2018
Tsubasa throws some balls with Shion. All of the house mates go shopping. Yuudai keeps looking for a job.
Cocky Kid
Air date
Jan 23, 2018
Kids and adults fight in the kitchen. Taka-san goes snowboarding with Yuudai. Tsubasa and Shion finally goes to the foot bath. Yuudai doesn’t cook food...or does he?.
First Snowfall
Air date
Jan 30, 2018
Ami gets a driver’s licence in a last-minute, and drives on a date with Yuudai. Snow falls in Karuizawa.
I Erased Him from My World
Air date
Feb 06, 2018
Yuudai is being...Yuudai...with terrible results. Taka-san tries to be as diplomatic as possible, but there may be no saving Yuudai from the housemates.
1x8 Season finale
A Man with Different Values
Air date
Feb 13, 2018
Mizuki spends the night in Tokyo with her old boyfriend. Shut out by Ami, Yuudai reconnects with an old girlfriend too. Taka goes for the instructor effect. Someone gets lucky.

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