Super Gran

  • Premiered: Jan 1985
  • Episodes: 27
  • Followers: 4
  • Ended
  • ITV1
  • Sunday at 16
  • Children Comedy Crime Family Fantasy


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Season 2
Supergran and the Racing Cert
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 08, 1987
The Great Chisleton Pigeon Race is about to begin, with pop star Newcastle Brown's bird, Fast Flo, as hot favourite. How hot can she stay with the Scunner Campbell as her handler? Hot enough for Supergran to have to join the fire brigade...
Supergran and the Treasure Trovers
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 15, 1987
Can even Supergran make it in time? The Scunner Campbell up a tree, PC Norman in quick sand, PC Leekie locked in his own prison cell.... and the very last egg of the Flying Diplodocus about to be snaffled!
Supergran and the Birthday Dambuster
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 22, 1987
The Scunner Campbell has left town for a new career in the Royal Paddleton Air Force. Life as a non-flying ace has its ups and downs, and Supergran end up helping the Scunner escape under the wire...
Supergran and the Yankee Doodle's Boodle
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 29, 1987
It's American week in Chisleton, and the Scunner Campbell sets up a daring oceanic scam. Can Supergran save this ship of fools as it heads for the rocks?
Supergran and the Rookie Recruit
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 05, 1987
When Derek Dumpling joins the Chisleton Constabulary, Supergran must thwart the Scunner Campbell's most daring exploit yet, before Derek has to hand in his truncheon....
Supergran and the State Visit
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 12, 1987
Madge, Duches of Claridge, is due on an official visit to Chisleton. So is Hetty the Hat, kleptomaniac extraordinaire. Even Scunner Campbell can tell the difference between them, can't .. show full overview
Chiselton Street Blues
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 19, 1987
A sad little pile of clothes by the seashore, and the Scunner Campbell is no more. The whole of Chisleton mourns the passing of it's most infamous villain...
Supergran and the School for Scoundrels
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 26, 1987
Sid Scoundrel arrives in town to open his latest Academy of Crime. Naturally, Scunner Campbell is the first to enrol, and in the crime-wave which threatens to engulf Chisleton, Supergran .. show full overview
Supergran and the Media Star
Episode overview
Air date
May 03, 1987
The most dastardly act ever aginst the citizens of Chiselton - someone is sabotaging all the television sets ! NOTE: This episode has visual imperfections as the master tape in the .. show full overview
Supergran Snookered
Episode overview
Air date
May 10, 1987
Katherine 'Cat' Burglar is, as the Scunner Campbell discovers, a snooker ace. He manages her to stardom... and sets up the Frame of the Century!
Supergran and the Fancy Dress Fanciers
Episode overview
Air date
May 17, 1987
Empress Rita is throwing her annual party. Dress designer Neville Mince falls victim to Goldilocks and the three bears....
Supergran and the Chronic Crooner
Episode overview
Air date
May 24, 1987
Country and Western Week empties Chisleton once again, offering the Scunner a golden opprotunity. Supergran needs Eddie Kidd's superbike to race to the rescue!
2x13 Show finale
Supergran and the Heir Apparent
Episode overview
Air date
May 31, 1987
Does the aristochractic blood of the Great Sporran of the Isles flow through the veins of the Scunner Campbell? Supergran must find out with a trip to the haunted Castle Haggis...

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